Damon has been trapped in the earth for hundreds of years, now he's out, he's looking for his trappers descendant and the sweetness of revenge.
Then he meets Arella.
And it all goes to hell...


2. Jerk

Chapter one

The beast heaved and strained against the glowing white chains that sizzled as they branded its scarlet flesh.

I looked away from the clear pain the beast was in.

No one deserved to be trapped like this.

I circled the thing, searching for a way to free it, but the chains were dug down deep into the dirt and if all the muscle the beast had couldn’t surface them, then I had no hope.

As my circle took me to the head, I gasped.

It was human; this red skinned beast was human. At least… human looking.

Dark, ebony hair fell down over his face and pooled on the dirty ground like a puddle of ink. Muscular shoulders strained once again under the white hot chains.

  “Sera you cannot just leave me down here for the rest of eternity!” He roared in a hoarse voice and my throat tightened at the obvious distress. I couldn’t imagine being trapped underground, no light, no sense of time, no one to talk to….

I shuddered, not all torture was physically painful. Though clearly the molten chains were agonizing.

  “How do I help?” I asked in a cautious voice, not sure he`d noticed my presence, but my voice came out thin and echoey. He didn’t hear me.

I crouched in front of him; I could feel the heat from two feet away, rolling off him in waves as if he were a flame blazing and not a strangely skinned man.

Gingerly resting a hand on his soft hair, my fingers splayed out across his head, the pad of my thumb resting between his eyebrows, I still went unnoticed.  A tingle shot up my arm, making me gasp and finally the head lifted.

Eyes as red as his skin aligned with mine but looked straight through me.

  “Break free,” I urged.  “Come on, you can do it.”

The last thing I was aware of was a metallic chink! and an almighty roar.





I jolted upright, peeling off the sheet embarrassingly stuck to my check.

Laughter echoed in my ears as I looked around dazedly.

 An elbow dug into my ribs and I turned to look at Brenna.

  “Uh…wake up?”

Ignoring the teachers glare, I picked up my pen and began copying the notes I’d missed from Brenna`s sheet onto mine, having to curve my writing around the spot of drool.


Eventually, Miss Smoke carried on and the rest of the class stopped casting me glances to see if I would do anything else worthy of a laugh.

  “Are you okay? You`re not usually this tired.” Then her pixie features fell into something resembling pity. “Nightmare?”

I sighed.

  “Yeah, but not the usual one.”

She nodded, busy copying out the research methods on the board.

I rubbed my eyes, the soft cotton of my jumper gliding over my cheeks as I forced myself to stay awake. But my sleep deprived mind played tricks on me. The red glow of the back of my eyelids turned into heaving, scarlet shoulders. The glint of Brenna`s multiple bracelets transformed into white, hot chains.

I usually enjoyed psychology, but the lesson had never gone so slowly, the notes I took were barely legible and made no sense to me. When the bell rang, Brenna practically dragged me out of my seat, urging me out into the cold which helped clear the fog some.

She signed heavily.

  “We have drama next.”

I nodded.

  “I don’t think I can get you down to the common room and back up again so why don’t we just go straight there?”

I nodded again, two girls from the year above gossiping about some new guy as they passed.

The next thing I was aware of was the drama room carpet beneath my feet and warmth smothering the cold out of me. Brenna must have texted her brother because Corbett was already lounged in a bean bag waiting for us.

He ran a hand though his curly black hair and smiled, kicking a beanbag closer to me which I promptly collapsed into.

  “You weren’t joking,” he grinned at Brenna, voice deep and rumbling. “She`s dead on her feet.”

  “She`s right here.” I grumbled and groaned loudly as the bell rang somewhere nearby.

I was not ready for another lesson. Not yet.

  “Bren, please tell me you have some coffee left.” Corbett whined. “No way can she be Juliet like this!”

Brenna grinned sheepishly. “We could do the tomb scene, she`d just have to pretend to be dead.”

Corbett frowned and opened his mouth to argue when Miss Johansen entered and I realised people had slowly been filling in.

   “Right class,” she bellowed. “Sign your name and get on with your work.” The pencil made a loud smacking noise as she banged it down next to a piece of paper.

I was only half awake as people wrote their name and then wandered off to find the right location and scenery for their act.

At this school, they better hope their play is set in a derelict part of town.

  “Arella, we’re signed in. Come on.” Brenna hauled me up and I stumbled before finding my feet. She gave Corbett a meaningful look and he came to hovers nearby, before she went off to get her camera.

  “You should be at home.”

   “Couldn’t agree more.”

  “Hey! Who the hell are you?!” Brenna cried.

We turned around to find Brenna`s little fists clenched angrily and a looming shadow leaning against the wall. The unearthly glow of the camera cast sharp relief on the shadowed face but, before I could get a proper look at him, he snapped the camera shut and held it out.

  “Looking at your play.” The shadow said, voice rich and deep. “I have to say, the red head has some talent but Romeo….?” He shook his head. “Maybe stick to star wars or whatever it is he`s into.”

Uh oh.

Corbett stepped as if to go and argue but I beat him to it.

  “I’m Arella. Who the hell are you?” I asked sharply, arms folded.

I didn’t take kindly to boys who thought they were all it.

The shadow stepped forward and I tilted my head back. His eyes were a deep brown that had a reddish tinge like melted mahogany, the hood of his black jumper was pulled up over his head.

I started to wonder at the intelligence of starting a fight with someone so….big.

  “Let’s call me….Damon.” He rumbled with a small smile as if it was a joke.

I raised an eyebrow.

  “Is that your name?”

He shrugged.


  “Well, Damon,” Miss Johansen said, striding into the room. “You’re going to need to register with the office because I have no idea who you are.”

Damon cast me a glance, his eyes hot, and walked calmly out of the room.

  “Great, another dickhead. Just what this school needs.” Corbett grumbled, going over to pick up the camera.

I watched Damon’s solid, proud back walkaway.

Jerk. I thought but my heart did exactly that. Jerk.

He was going to be trouble.


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