Damon has been trapped in the earth for hundreds of years, now he's out, he's looking for his trappers descendant and the sweetness of revenge.
Then he meets Arella.
And it all goes to hell...


5. Friends


I watched her hair shimmer as she stalked away, anger hot and spicy on my tongue as it seeped out her pores.

How had she done that? I’d felt the suggestion click, why hadn’t it worked?

Oh you’re very interesting. I might just have my fun with you.

Arella finally rounded the corner and I pulled my eyes away.

She was going to be trouble, but goddamn did I love a feisty human. Question was, how had she resisted me?

No one, not one person, in all my millennia’s on earth had resisted me. Not a girl, a woman, a boy or a man. They’d all been mine had I wanted them.

But Arella….


I turned and sent out a new mental search, she’d brought something to mind today that I hadn’t thought of. Friends.

I needed people capable of giving me an alibi.

Not to mention they’d help me fit in.

So urging them towards me, I greeted the weak minded with a smile and got to work.

Making friends was just so easy when you had mind control.

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