Damon has been trapped in the earth for hundreds of years, now he's out, he's looking for his trappers descendant and the sweetness of revenge.
Then he meets Arella.
And it all goes to hell...


10. Empty


I blamed it on the speed, (not to mention the new terror I’d found in going round a roundabout on a motorbike) for my lack of balance as I fell off his bike, one of my legs still up in the air, resting on the seat.

It had nothing to do with Damon’s proximity to me.


He laughed, slid off gracefully and offered me a hand.

I glared at his hand, got both my feet under me and walked away. The school was worryingly deserted and though they were a bit more lax about the rules in sixth form, they were not ten minutes late lax.

  “Red.” Damon called in an exasperated tone, but I could hear the smile.

  “Arella! My name is Arella!” I shouted back. “Thanks for the ride but I'm late!”

His laugh ghosted behind me but I ignored it and hurried into the psychology building.

Right at the other end of the school.


Not only was my hair windswept terribly, but the brisk walk had left my legs aching and cheeks flushed. Great.

I opened the door and paused.

The classroom was empty.

On the board was yr 13 P1&2 – L12.

Year 13 period one and two got to room L12.

Great, a room change.

Back at the other end of school.


I screamed shamefully girlishly.

  “Jesus.” I breathed, hand on my heart and glared hatefully at Damon, who smirked behind me.

He grinned.

  “No idea how wrong you are.”

  “Why did you follow me?!”

He raised an eyebrow and held out my bag balanced on the end of a finger.


  “Thank you.” I grumbled and transferred it to my shoulder.

Now, being in sixth form, my bag was quiet big and, having a rare full day, I had two folders as well as my lunch and a few books in my bag.

It was heavy, dig into my shoulder and make me walk funny heavy.

So how had he balanced it on his finger?

  “I don’t think you`re in here.” He rumbled, nodding at the empty classroom.

  “No, really? And here I was thinking the whole class had just turned invisible.”

His lip twitched and I felt stupidly proud of myself.

  “See you later, Red.”

  “It’s Arella!” I called but he left with a laugh.

I sighed and began to make my way back to the bottom of the school.

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