My New Town

Tia has just finished her final year of high school and she is ready to start her life and adventures somewhere else! When her family friend Justin let's her rent a apartment in the Tropics, she can't think anywhere else better to go. If you want to found out what adventures she goes on read the novel :)

It's a working progress, hope you like it, still more to come :)


5. Party Time

Niall's POV

I arrived to the pub and saw everyone chatting and laughing with each other but I saw someone who wasn't the usual girl in the group. "Hey guys" I said to everyone, "Hey Niall". "Hey Tia" Louis called her name for about a minute but she didn't answer because she was talking to Harry and Justin about something. Oh how I wish that was me sitting next to her laughing about things. She finally realised and look up at me with her dark dark brown hazel nut eyes and a big smile while brushing her black hair out of her face. "Hi I'm Tia, nice to meet you" she said with the sweetest voice. I replied "I'm Niall, I've heard a lot about you", I lied but it really felt like I did, I was so madly in lev with her. I guess you would call it love at first sight.

Harry's POV

Wow, Tiall really hit it off. They were both blushing. So I decided to buy everyone a drink. Thankfully Zayn suggested we play a drinking game. Maybe it with help the two of the shy love birds.

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