Journalist Adventure

Sam is a 17 year old journalist.
Her boss has given her the opportunity, to travel around in South America, to find out what has happen to one of her co-workers, who got killed.
But also to find out what story he was working on.
Of course she's exited, but this journey us not what she pictured it would be.
She meets a lot of new friends, but also enemies, and maybe true love, on her way to success...

Hope you like it, and enjoy!:D


5. The secret meeting

"Now listen."Michael said.

"I bet some of you wonder why you're here. But don't be scared."

"Uhm... We're not scared." Some guy in the back said.

"Of course not Steven. I'm sure you're all very brave."

I could feel Thomas move by my side. He didn't really knew how to react in company of too many important people. It's was kinda distracting, considering the fact, that he just carried me 12 floors! I can't stop thinking about his muscular arms.

"So now that I have everybody's attention, we may continue. I'll give the word to you mr. Johnson."

As the middle aged man walked up to the chalkboard, I saw his face more clearly. And I did not like, what I saw. It was Marks father! This can only turn out bad. For me.

"Listen everybody. As you all know, we are here to send, our greatest and most experienced journalists, to South America. But unfortunately, they are rather, sick, old, or just scared, to take this job. So instead, we are sending three young, and bright new journalists. All with a different background."

"I picked them out myself." Michael interrupted.

Mr. Johnson started speaking again.

"So please meet: mr. Mark Johnson."

What?! Was Mark going to be on this trip? Kill me now!!!

"Mr. Thomas Carter."

Wait! Was Thomas also going? This is getting very weird!

"And last, but not least, the only young lady on this trip: Mrs. Samantha Hawkins."

Dead silence!

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