This is my story. So, this is basically like a diary I'm naming names because yolo and ya. I don't care if people that I know find this cause hey at least they will know MY side of the story. Don't judge someone by their cover.


5. entry #5

Hey so I'm laying down and my head is pounding. Wow I wonder what it feels like to type an entry without being in a agonising pain.

So recap last time I was going through bad side effects. Well ya same thing is still going on. I'm having bad anxiety attacks. Like during class on Friday every everyone was making fun of me saying that I'm getting far and I'm like F off I on meds and I can't help it. So then they ask why and I'm just like okay I'm about to make your face look fat if you don't shut up!

So I was working on my assignment and I focused on what they said and my heart rate went over board and I started crying. I hid my face to make it so no one can see but some people saw. I couldn't stop crying though. I was doing the breathing thing my therapist told me to do but that didn't help. Ugh it was horrifying. I couldn't breath and I didn't want to interrupt my teacher so I just kept my head. Thank god once my friend Hailey saw she was looking at me in the eye and just saying take a deep breathe your fine. I think I'm gonna ask my teacher if I can switch seats so I can sit closer to her because my friend Lisa can't really help. She doesn't know everything that's going on. I love her but Hailey gets it.

Then I told my mom after school and she called the doctors office and my doctor said to start taking a lower dose of the prednisone. So I'm happy we're going down on it but it's gonna take a while. And we don't know if the bleeding will come back. My mom and I went to walmart last night and I aware to god. We walk in and she looks at my stomach and laughs and says,

"People are gonna think your pregnant" and I just ran off into walmart. Like da faq did you just say to me. How dare you. She has the nerve. I am in this really sensitive state and she's calling me far too. Ugh! So then she catches up to me and was like I was just kidding and I'm like that's not funny you can't do that right now.

I was legit then having a panic attack in the middle of walmart I couldn't breathe and I just want to lay on the floor and say "hey look a Black Friday sale" and have everyone walk on me to see what was on sale.

I'm just done. And today (note. Sorry I haven't updated so many things happened) anywho and today I woke up and every square inch of my body was in pain. Like my back hurts like hell and I can't feel my arms and hands because they are in uncomfortable pain. My mom was gonna take me to the ER but I told her no. I don't want them poking needles in me and me laying in a hospital bed is not gonna make me feel better.

So she took me to urgent care and had a pharmacist talk to me and I'm just like STAWP WITH THE DOCTORS ALREADY I'm done. They couldn't do anything. She knew they couldn't do anything. So now I'm stuck in pain taking tylonal because that's the only pain reliever I can take with my meds.

For the last time, well no you'll hear it more but, IM DONE!

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