This is my story. So, this is basically like a diary I'm naming names because yolo and ya. I don't care if people that I know find this cause hey at least they will know MY side of the story. Don't judge someone by their cover.


4. entry #4

My heart hurts.

I'm having bad heart burn or something. Or it could be that the guy I like is my best friend and he admitted to liking me. But punch line he likes one of my best friends too. And I'm almost positive he's gonna ask her out soon. He is so clueless that he asked me how to ask her out. Like wtf don't say you like me and then ask me how to ask someone else out.


Life man what are you gonna do.

My mom is thinking of putting me on antidepressants because I have been really depressed. I don't know I just don't feel like myself. I feel more calm and less routy. Idk. But stress can make me go in over shock so she wants me on the meds.

If I go in over shock this whole thing could turn into Collin cancer. Like what, I can't afford that. Like seriously my mom is struggling with money enough as it is. My life is just D




G... with me

A fine frenzy-almost lover is the song I have on repeat by the way. I really recommended listening to it.

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