"You never really know it's love until you lose it"


1. chapter one

Isabelle's POV

As I walked down the dimly lit street the rain matted my hair on my face and successfully ruined my makeup. It was awful weather but you gotta get used to it when you live in Oregon.

My phone buzzed in the back pocket of my jeans

It's Liam

Whatcha doin tonight?????? Wanna grab a drink??

To Liam

I can't , The big test is tomorrow and you know how strict mr cenfield can be


I slide my phone back into my pocket and keep walking back towards the dorms

I mean I could but I can't. I just don't want to. The parties the drugs the alcohol. It's constant every night always going out with the boys and getting wasted. The boys' girlfriends even agree with me. And I know he's my boyfriend and all but going out and getting drunk isn't exactly my idea of a good night.

My phone is buzzing off the hook so I finally take it back out of my pocket

From Liam

Babe if you would rather come over and we can just talk we can do that instead

Babe please

Don't be mad

I love you

Please babe whatever I did I'm sorry :(

I miss you it's cold over here!

I finally cave in. I mean what can I say you can't stay mad at him forever

To Liam

Meet you by the mailboxes at 9 and no I'm not mad I just want to talk to you :)

From Liam

Ok :) see you then

He was so charming. Even when I am mad at him he always finds a way to make things better. I'm just worried about our relationship. It's been really hard to want to keep dating him when he's always with the boys and at parties without me. I definitely needed some alone time with him. This will be nice.

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