Puppets || Larry Stylinson


1. Chapter 1:

~Chapter One~

❤Louis POV❤

Harry, Niall and I were sitting on the sofa. Niall was playing FIFA, Harry was talking about who knows what and I was staring off into space and got lost in Harrys hair. So fluffy, and curly. So.. beautiful. Wait.. Did. Did I just say beautiful? Did I just call Harry's hair beautiful. Maybe it was the tiredness getting to me.

"Louis.." I looked into Harry's eyes. "Are you even listening to me?"

I nodded. I wasn't though. Some weird feeling was happening in my stomach and I was worried about it. It was just when I was around Harry or talked about Harry or thought about Harry. It was weird. I've never ever ever have had this feeling before. It was like I wanted to throw up all over Harry's face but I also wanted to eat a piece of cake. A yummy cake like dark chocolate cake. Wait.. What am I saying?


I shook that feeling out of my head and listened to what Harry was saying.

"What's wrong??" He said looking confused.

Oh no..

"N-Nothing.. I'm. I'm fine. Just thinking." I was fine.. But I don't know. I need time to figure things out?

"Are you sure?? You seem kind of out of it."

"Yeah.. I'm fine."

I looked at niall and he got up and went into the other room to of course probably get food. Man that boy is always hungry.

I looked back at Harry and he looked at me. I looked into his bright green eyes. I could just loose myself in them. He looked into my eyes and there we are staring right in each others eyes. I smiled and looked down at his lips and then looked back into his eyes. I got this weird feeling. I was going to do something stupid, really stupid. I looked back down at his lips and pushed mine to his. He kissed me back. I smiled into the kiss and put my hands behind his neck and pulled him closer to me. Then I heard something fall and shatter.

"AHHHH!! What the hell?!?"

Oh no.. It was Niall. He must have seen me and Harry kiss. I pulled away and ran upstairs.

What have I done! What have I done! I ruined everything! I was being stupid and kissed him. Right then and there.

I looked down and saw Harry and Niall staring at me. Water was filling my eyes and my vision got blurry. I looked into Harry's eyes. He looked shocked. Especially Niall who had to see the whole thing. I quickly shook my head and ran into my room locking the door behind me.

I layed on my bed and sobbed into my pillow. What did I do? What have I done? What was I thinking? Harrys my best mate. Harrys my best mate. Just my best mate.. That was all I could think of. The tears kept coming and coming until I fell fast asleep.

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