"Love, do you remember the day we met?"
"Tell me"

We were in love. We were soulmates. Nothing could tear us apart.
Or That's what I've Been told
But because of the accident
I remember everything but him


2. chapter 2- new starts

It has been about a week since I was in the hospital. It was a beautiful summer day out. All of a sudden my bedroom door opened and the boy walked in.

"Hey, um your parents let me in. I know you don't remember me. And it's killing me that ou don't. But I can't just sit back, I like you too much. So I'm going to try to help you remember. I mean- if that's okay with you.."

"Of course," I replied. I couldn't help but stare at his adorable dimples that formed at his cheeks. I could tell he really liked me. I wished so bad at that moment that I could remember him.

"Can I take you out to get coffee or something?" He asked nervously

I flashed a reassuring smile and said yes. I grabbed my purse and my coral sandals to match my white shorts and floral half top, and we walked out to the car.

I was not expecting the super fancy sports car. The boy must be rich. I hopped in the passenger seat not wanting to wreck anything.

"You ready?" He asked somewhat cheekily

"Ready as I'll ever be." I winked back. He is quite attractive...

We drove for about 5 minutes in complete silence. At the same time we reached for the radio button.


"Ya I was thinki-"


The lyrics to a familiar song came on.

"I love this song" he gave me a confused look, then laughed it off.

I figured it out

I figured it out from black and white

Seconds and hours

Maybe they had to take some time

I know how it goes

I know how it goes from wrong to right

Silence and sound

Did they ever hold each other tight like us

Did they ever fight like us

You and I

We don't wanna be like them

We can make it till the end

Nothing can come between you and I

Not even the Gods above can separate the two of us

No nothing can come between you and I

Oh, you and I

I didn't realize I was singing out loud until I caught the boys eye.

He showed his dimples. It hurt me so much to see how much he loved me just by his eyes. I wish I could remember. He deserves at least that.

" that was You and I, by one direction. Speaking of, sources have said Harry Styles, member of the world famous boy band, is taking time off. The world tour is currently on hold. Could it have something to do with his girlfriend who recently got into an accident?"

Oh my god. No.

"Thats, That isn't. But. You. But I'm so sorry"

He pulled me in for a hug. I hadn't realized we stopped driving.

" Yea. I know. But you see Julia, I kind of love you. So nothing is as important as trying to get you to remember. Remember wht we had, all the good times, all the fights, all the laughs and the kisses. And I will fight because I know we were meant for each other. That song? I wrote it about you. And I don't care how long it takes I will try to help you remember. Ok?"

He's crying.

I'm sobbing.

We sat there in each other's arms until he spoke. "Love, do you remember the day we first met?"

"Tell me"



I'm sorry I really hope this doesn't suck but trust lots is in store!!! Please share and shoutout and give me feedback. If no one reads I might as well delete


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