Mr. Perfect

My name is Samantha. My mum is always meeting guys and thinking that they're 'the one' and is never around, so we're always moving to different places and I'm always having to make new friends. When I reach the last year of high school and (hopefully) the last school, I meet a boy who changes my life forever. Niall.


3. "Shay."

Today was my first day at Wagstaff Elementary. Well shit. I hated High School, especially the first day. Having to make new friends, I always get nervous.

Olivia and Tyler sent me a card and a basket of muffins, I was going to miss them.

I looked into the mirror and decided I needed to make a good first impression. I wore a black singlet, high-waisted denim shorts, a thick white jumper with black stars on it and I pulled on some plain black vans. I put on a bit of makeup and left my hair out and wavy.

"Mum, I'm ready!" I yelled at mum through her closed bedroom door. She walked out with a pencil skirt and button-up skirt. She looked beautiful.

"How do I look?" she asked and added in a little pose.

"You look great! How about me?" I repeated her pose.

"Sassy!" She was so embarrassing, I don't think I could ever bring a guy home.

"I'm going to get Mike, you can wait in the car." She chucked the keys at me and I just managed to catch them.

I walked down the hall of the seventh floor in my new apartment, when I heard yelling a couple of doors down from mine. The girl in the fight seemed to be coming closer to her door, so I tried to look at the floor so she wouldn't see me.

She slammed the door and yelled "I hate you!" I couldn't help but look up. I was surprised to see a girl around the same age as me with a big sweater, scarf and shorts on. She had blonde shoulder length hair which was as wavy as mine. She was gorgeous.

"Sorry you had to hear that." she yelled, seeing that I was starring at her.

"Oh I-I uh... I really didn't hear anything." I said nervously.

She chuckled and lit a cigarette, gesturing one to me.

"No thanks." I might have taken one if mum wasn't only minutes after us.

"Shay" she put her hand out and I shook it.


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