Mr. Perfect

My name is Samantha. My mum is always meeting guys and thinking that they're 'the one' and is never around, so we're always moving to different places and I'm always having to make new friends. When I reach the last year of high school and (hopefully) the last school, I meet a boy who changes my life forever. Niall.


1. Packing up and Taking off

I woke up to the sound of my mum walking into my room, trying to quietly sob but I could still hear her. My mum was my best friend, she was always there for me and we trusted each other with everything.

"What's up mamma bear?" I ask in concern.

"Looks like Dave wasn't Mr. Right either."

I had to have a moment to process what she just said, but then I realise who Dave is and sit up from under my covers and give her a hug.

You see, my mum likes to think that every guy is 'the one' and usually, they're not. We move from city to city, state to state. Leaving me to constantly pack up, go to new schools and make new friends.

"Aw mum, it's okay." I reassure her. "No man is worth your tears, you deserve someone who ruins your lipstick, not your mascara."

Mum chuckles, it's what I say every time and it's becoming a routine.

"So, when and where are we moving?" I ask her.

"Well, seeing as you and Mike didn't exactly like it here in New Jersey, I'm letting my two babies decide this time."

If you're wondering, Mike is my younger brother. Only younger by a year so I'm very close to him also.

"As for when, I've called the school to tell them you've left and you get to have the week off to pack. On Monday you can go and say bye to you friends."

"What friends?" I joke.

At every new place I have a tough time meeting new girls to be friends with.

"Well, I'm going to tell Mikey the news. Seeing as you're already up you may as well start packing."

I looked over to my clock to see six thirty flashing in green. Looks like today's going to be a long day.

I walk over to my mirror in disgust. My hip-long chestnut hair is tangled and knotted and my blue eyes are squinted. I decided I should get changed and walk to the café to get a coffee.

I threw on a hoodie and shorts and walked off to my local café called 'Cool Beans.' It was my favourite. Probably because my only friends in Jersey, Olivia and Tyler, work there. Olivia has long black hair, a strong Jersey accent, a good fashion sense and wore a lot of make up, which suited her. Tyler, however, wore glasses, has blonde hair and is gay.

"Hey gurl!" I hear Tyler yell from across the counter.

"Hey Ty!" I yell back, which catches Olivia's attention.

"Sammy, hey! What are you doing up so early?" She jokes.

"I need to talk to you guys.." I say, immediately regretting it because the bright smiles wipe off both of their faces.

"You're gonna fucking leave again aren't you!" Yells Olivia.

I gesture for her to shush but the whole café hears it.

"Oh no, my best paying costumer!" Yells Jade, the owner.

"Look guys, I really don't want to but my mum's already made up her mind."

After about half an hour of laughing, crying and reminiscing I give my last hugs and tell them I'll be back.

I walk in the door with my hot caramel coffee and see most of my possessions are in boxes. Bye Jersey.

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