Mr. Perfect

My name is Samantha. My mum is always meeting guys and thinking that they're 'the one' and is never around, so we're always moving to different places and I'm always having to make new friends. When I reach the last year of high school and (hopefully) the last school, I meet a boy who changes my life forever. Niall.


22. Lunch

I walked into the English room and saw Mr. Ross sitting at his desk and a sea of bored students in front of him. I waved to Mr. Ross and sat down in my usual seat, next to Chelsea. Chelsea was my english buddy. She had fare skin, dark long hair and pretty blue eyes. I thought she was perfect for Harry.

"Okay, class, settle down! Open up your text books to page 65 and finish the questions we were working on yesterday. You can work with your partners."

The class gradually became louder and I looked over at Chelsea and smiled. She gave me a weird look, but then smiled back.

"Hey, what do you think of Harry?" I asked her randomly. She gave me another confused look but then thought about it.

"He's really good looking and a total gentleman. Why?"

"Oh, no reason. You should sit with us at lunch."

She nodded, smiling. I could tell she was excited. I actually was too so I went through the four first periods of the day happy. It finally hit lunch and I was putting my books back into my locker when I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder. Niall. I grabbed his hand and brought him closer to my body, snuggling into his chest. He gave me a kiss on the fore head.

"You excited for lunch?" he asked. It was like he was reading my mind. I looked up at him, smiling and nodding my head. I wanted as much time as I could with the boys, so I didn't sort my books for the next two periods.

"Grab Shay and the girl you've got for Harry, meet us in the cafeteria. You won't miss us." he winked. We gave each other a soft kiss and parted in our opposite directions. I spotted Shay at her locker. She was surrounded by a girls. The girls from this morning.

"Your hair looks great today Shannon, did you get it freshly from the side of the road this morning?" said the girl who looked like the leader of the group. All the other girls around her started laughing, Shay just turned away. I ran up to Shay, guarding her from the girls.

"And what do you think you're doing, whore?" the leader said to me.

"I think I'm defending my best friend, just like Niall defended me this morning. Do you sluts have trouble remembering that or do I need to bring him back to remind you?"

The leader was pretty much speechless. I could feel Shay chuckling behind me. The girl Cindy looked down to the floor, obviously embarrassed.

"It's quite obvious you're just a rebound to him. Do you think he actually likes you? After the whole Amber thing? Please. You're nothing to him." said Cindy. Okay, this time I was shocked. I couldn't believe she actually spoke after what Niall had said to her this morning.

"How'd you know about the whole Amber thing?"

"The whole school knows." she chuckled.

I looked down, "At least he'll date me. I wonder how long you've been tring? He would never date you. Just a tip, he doesn't date plastic."

This time Shay couldn't hold in the laughter.

"Nobody asked you, rat. Come on girls, we shouldn't be wasting our time on them."

The girls finally walked away.

"Thanks Samantha, but I could've handled it myself."

"I'll always have you back Shay."

She went protest, but she smiled and hugged me.

"Thank you so much. It really means a lot. With all that happens at home... I just... I can't defend myself here."

"It's really fine."

A tear trickled from her eye to the back of my shoulder. I didn't mind. She looked back up at me smiling.

"I better clean myself up for Louis. Go get the girl for Harry and I'll meet you guys in the cafeteria."

She walked off to the bathroom, trying to rub the watery mascara from her tear-streaked cheeks. I smiled and turned around, trying to quickly find Chelsea because we'd already wasted ten minutes with those girls. I finally spotted Chelsea standing at what I was guessing was her locker. She closed it and gave me a wide grin.

"You ready?" I laughed.

She let out a huge breath of air, "Ready as I'll ever be."

I led her to the cafeteria, I'm guessing she already knew where it was, but I did anyway. I looked over the sea of teenagers when I heard Niall's unmistakable laugh.

"They're just over there." I pointed, looking at Chelsea. She nodded and looked nervous. I gave her a pat on the shoulder.

"They're really not that scary."

She laughed. Yeah, I-I know. I'm just nervous Harry won't like me."

"He'll like you, trust me."

Niall waved us over to the group.

"Hey babe," I said to Niall, giving him a short kiss in the cheek. "Harry, this is Chelsea." I gestured to her. He looked up from his food and almost spat it out. He stood up, wiping his hands on his skinny jeans.

"Harry." he said, holding out his hand to Chelsea.

Harry's POV

I was finally getting into my burger when I heard the familiar voice of Samantha. I looked up, not hearing what she was saying. Suddenly I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. She had the most stunning blue eyes I'd ever seen in my life. I'm pretty sure at that moment that I spat out all my food at the sight of how gorgeous she is. I wiped my hands on my jeans, making sure they weren't greasy from my food. I tried to be a gentleman and put my hand out in front of her.

"Harry." I tried to say smoothly, but I'm pretty sure I chocked.

"Chelsea." she smiled. She also had the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen.

"Come, sit next to me." I said gesturing to the empty spot next to me. I looked over at Sammy and she winked. I gave her a huge smile, trying to telepathically thank her as much as possible.

Samantha's POV

It looked like we'd gotten off to a good start with Chelsea and Harry, which was good. I sat back down next to Niall. He grabbed the upper part of my thigh and I laughed. Liam had noticed what was going on and gave us both disapproving looks.

"Not at school!" he yelled jokingly. He was so the dad of the group, it was adorable. Zayn, Harry Chelsea and Louis all shot us confused looks but we just looked at each other laughing. Instead, Niall took his hand off my thigh and he intertwined our fingers. The best thing about him being left handed was that we could both eat with our dominate hands.

About ten minutes into lunch and Chelsea and Harry were doing great. I felt like Cupid. But Shay was still a no show and Louis looked a bit upset. I fished my phone out of my bag.

To: Shay😘

Hey, where are you babe? Louis's waiting!! x

Niall watched as my fingers tapped frantically on my phone and when I looked up, he had a questioning look on his face.

"She went to the bathroom to clean herself up because she'd been crying and she still isn't here." I explained to Niall, trying my hardest to whisper.

"Why was she crying?"

"Cindy and her gang of girls I don't know were teasing her. I stood in and defended her and she got really upset, saying she could defend herself. We made up and she said she was going to go clean herself up and now I don't know." I poured out, my voice filled with worry. Niall broke the connection between our hands and put his arm around my shoulder, bringing me into his warm body.

"I'm sure she's fine."

I gave him another worried look. Niall looked at the group to see if any of them were noticing what we were talking about.

"How 'bout you go find her? I'm sure she's just nervous.."

"Really? Are you sure you want me to leave?"

"Well, I really really don't want you to... but you should." he said, tracing circles on my back.

"Thank you so much Niall. I really don't want to leave either."

"I know babe. If you get into trouble with Cindy then text me straight away."

I gave him a last kiss and walked off. I heard Zayn ask Niall why I was leaving and he said I was going to the bathroom.

I reached the closest girls bathroom to hear sobbing in the only stall being used. I wonder who it was. Shay?

"Shay? You in here babe?" I called. Suddenly the end stall lock started changing from red to green. Shay walked out, rubbing the tears away from her face and trying not to look at me as much as possible.

"Shay, are you still upset about what those bitches had to say about you? Because you know it's not true. Your hair is gorg-."

I get interrupted from Shay looking up at me from the floor. Holy shit! She looked terrible! She had blood coming down from her nose and a huge cut on the left side of her fore head. I ran over to her as quickly as I could, giving her the biggest hug I could manage. She winced in pain so I loosened my grip. She pulled up just a little bit of her shirt to reveal she had a huge bruise on the right side of her hip. I covered my mouth in shock and started to feel tears leave my eyes.

"Who did this to you?!" I demanded.

She just looked down and yelled, "Who do you think?"

I thought about it for a second. The only people I knew she had a problem with was Cindy and her group, but there was no way they could be capable of doing this.

"I-I don't kn-."

"IT WAS CINDY! Cindy and her fucking group of asshole fake bitches saw me go into the bathroom by myself and thought it would be a good time to gang up on me! They shoved me into that corner," she sobbed, pointing to the only clear corner of the bathroom, which now had a little blood on it. "And Cindy gave me a punch in the stomach. All of her friends laughed. I yelled but no one helped. They just kept kicking and I kept screaming. I felt worthless and the whole time, I was asking myself, 'What did I do to deserve this?'" she took a pause, trying to hold back her tears. "But then I realised how much better it would be if they were to just end me right there. I couldn't think of anyone in this world it was worth living for. You're probably the best person to ever come into my life, because you're the only one who came into my head. When it was over, I was in so much pain. I called my dad-." she stopped. I had never spoken to her about her home life and I never really wanted to ask. It was obviously a though subject for her. "But, of course, it went straight to voice mail."

Her little sobs finally turned into the biggest cries for someone to be there for her I'd ever heard. She fell to the ground, punching it with her clenched fist. Her knuckles had turned white and I swear I could hear her bones crack even more every time she hit the ground. I managed to stop her and she gave me the tightest hug I've ever felt.

"Promise me you'll never leave Samantha. You're my best friend."

"I promise I'll never leave you."


The bell went off for fifth period and I waited until everyone had left the halls to help Shay up and take her to the office.

We walked into the familiar office with the same old desk girl sitting there. It was obvious she was doing something important and she didn't look up when we walked in. I cleared my throat which made her head shoot up. The look on her face was a mix between confussion, sadness and shock once she saw Shay.

"Shay, hunny, what happened to you this time?"

Shay started to quietly sob and I held her closer to my body.

"Do you want me to ring mum?"

Shay shook her head yes and straight away the desk lady was punching in the numbers Shay told her for her mum's work number.

"Hi, Asha. I've got Shay here in the office and it looks like she's gotten into a bit of trouble."

There was a long pause from the other end, but then you could hear Asha start to speak. I looked around and spotted two chairs. I helped Shay into one of them and put myself in the other, still holding her up.

"Thankyou for everything." she whispered, drifting off to sleep.

I nodded, letting her head rest on my shoulder. I got my phone out of my pocket and texted Niall.

To: Niall💕

Hey babe, I don't think you need to drop me at home. Long story. I might explain to you later, but not right now. I'll text you more later xx

Shay suddenly had a look of concern on her face.

"Oh no! Did I ruin lunch? I'm so sorry! Oh shit, what about Louis?"

I chuckled, "It's fine. Niall understood and I'm sure Louis will too. As for the girl I had for Harry, they hit it off."

"Well that's good, I guess."

"Hey darl," yelled the receptionist from behind her desk. "Your mum's on her way. Now are you going to tell me what happened?"

Shay nodded her head and the desk lady went to a mini fridge just behind her desk, getting out an ice pack. She came and bent down on her knees in front of Shay, dabbing the ice pack on her head. The desk lady's name tag read 'Tracey.'

I wondered if you were supposed to call her Tracey, or if she had a last name everyone was supposed to call her. Shay started to explain what had happened while Tracey cleaned up the blood. I tried not to listen again because it was a horrible story. The whole time she was talking, she was squeezing my hand. She was very strong because this time she didn't cry.


From: Niall💕

Is Shay okay? Are you okay? What's up babe? I'm really worried. I can fake sick and come home now with you if you want?

I smiled at the thought of Niall doing that for me.

To: Niall💕

You're so cute when you worry, haha. We're both fine. Come over to mine at five tonight xx

Suddenly a girl who resembled Shay, except taller, burst into the room.

"Shay!" she put her hand over her mouth and had tears coming from her eyes. I could only guess that Shay was used to this reaction.

"Hi, Asha. This was Cindy's doing, again. This time her punishment will be more serious, I promise you."

I gave Shay a confused look.

"Is this not the first time she's done this to you?"

She looked at the ground, shaking her head. I gave her a tight hug and she hugged me back. I wondered if I was the first friend to be here with her.

Asha extended a manicured hand at me.

"Hi, I'm Asha, Shay's mum. Who might you be?"


"Mum, this is Samantha. She was there for me the whole time today. She's my best friend."

A look of recognition came across Asha's face, "Ah, yes, Samantha. Shay talks about you all the time," I looked at Shay, whose cheeks were now red, and I laughed. "I will never be able to thank you enough for what you've done for Shay. You made her believe in trust and friendship again."

"It's really nothing." I smiled politely.

Asha and Tracey talked for about half an hour of what happened, what will happen to Cindy, and how Shay will need stitches.

I gave my last hug for the day to Shay just before she left.

"I love you." she whispered into my ear.

"I love you too."

Once they'd left, I let out a huge breath of air. I felt like I hadn't been breathing the whole time. Tracey asked me if I wanted to go home and I texted mum, explaining I'd be home early.

Ten minutes had gone by and I finally reached my empty apartment. 'What a long Monday.' I laughed to myself. Within a minute, I was fast asleep.

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