Mr. Perfect

My name is Samantha. My mum is always meeting guys and thinking that they're 'the one' and is never around, so we're always moving to different places and I'm always having to make new friends. When I reach the last year of high school and (hopefully) the last school, I meet a boy who changes my life forever. Niall.


21. Back to Reality


I woke up to a text.

From: Niall💕

Hey babe, did you want me to pick you up? X

I rose up from my sheets and put my head in my hands. I had to think straight. I had a late night last night, thinking about Niall and Louis. Was I falling for Louis? Did I trust Niall?

To: Niall💕

Yeah okay, come pick me up in half an hour x

I decided to wear a white singlet, denim button up shirt, ripped shorts and my usual vans. I made myself some coffee and did my makeup. Niall should be here any minute now.


From: Louis👌

Hey, here's that photo you wanted of us at the shooting range, I'll see you later x

I looked down at the photo. It was the one that Louis took of us in our headphones and glasses because we looked like idiots. I found myself smiling at the photo, but then had to stop. I'm with Niall. Louis is my friend. I decided to save the photo and make it my screensaver. No harm in that.

*Knock knock*

I skipped to the door to see Niall standing there with jeans and a white top on.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah, just let me grab my bag." I left him a kiss on the cheek and ran to my room. I walked back into my lounge room to find Niall with a huge smile on his face.

"What?" I asked with a smile.

"Nothing.. just I don't know how you manage to look so beautiful. Even for school."

I smiled at the floor and gave his shoulder a little shove.

"Oh, you!" I said jokingly. Niall grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. I looked up at him and smiled. He pulled my body close to his and gave me a kiss on the fore head.

"Hey love birds!" I turned my head to see Shay running towards us.

"Hey babe!" I yelled back. We all walked into the elevator together and Shay punched the button labelled 'G.'

"Wow, I really need to find myself a boy friend." she said looking over at us, pouting.

"Hey, what about Louis?" I asked Shay, looking over at Niall to see if he'd be interested.

"Yeah, I think he'd go for it. Why don't you guys sit with us today? Bring a girl for Harry too. He's never been single for this long and I think he's feeling alone."

Shay and I looked at each other thinking about who we could bring.

"I know a girl in my English class who'd probably be interested." I say. I actually had the perfect girl in my head.

"What colour eyes does Harry prefer?"

"Pretty eyes."

"Well that should be easy."

We reached the ground level and walked out to see a yellow land rover with no roof. It was the coolest car I'd ever seen!

"Is this yours?" I ask Niall, gesturing over to the car.

"Yeah, it's alright. The boys want me to get a new one but I'm really not bothered. As long as it gets me from place to place."

"I love it!"


I smile at him, "Of course! It's great."

"Well I'm gonna walk to school. I don't want to be stuck in a car with you two talking like that for even ten minutes." Shay yells, already making her way to school.

"You sure Shay?" Niall asks. He's so polite, it's so cute. I grab his hand and he gives he an eskimo kiss.

"Yeah, I'm sure. It's not that far and I could use the exercise."

"Bye babe!"

"So, we're on our own again." Niall jokes.

"Yeah, looks like it." He playfully picks me up and slings me over his shoulder.

"Hey! Put me down!" I just manage to yell under all my laughing.

"Never!" He yells. In the process he's tickling me, I just can't handle it anymore.

"Niall put me down!" I wriggle in his muscular arms holding me over him. He finally opens his passenger door and sits me in the seat. He puts his hands on my thighs, his body casting a shadow over me.

"You could've just said please." He says darkly, giving me a hard and passionate kiss afterwards. "You kicked me pretty hard in the stomach doing that." he said with a pout.

"Aw, poor Niall. Did you want me to kiss it better?"

He lifted up his white shirt, revealing his toned stomach. I'm pretty sure at that moment my mouth hit the floor. He chuckled at me.

"Yes pwease." he said in a baby voice. I shoved him away jokingly and turned my body to the front of the car.

"Come on! We have to go to school!"

"Come on Sammy! Have a little fun. Let's just not go to school today."

I thought about that for a second. My mum had already gone to work and Mike was at school already. It would be great to have a day with just Niall and I. But then I remembered it was only my second week.

"Maybe another time." I said giving him a smirk. He sighed, but closed my door for me and got in his side.

"Fine then." I grabbed his hand before he drove off to cheer him up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Ten minutes later, we reached the school. Niall jumped out as fast as he could, running over to my side and opening the door for me.

"My lady." He said, giving me a wink and offering me his hand.

"You're such a gentleman."

We walk over to the front of the school, when I saw the girls from my first day, laughing over at my direction again.

"What is she doing with him?" I heard the blonde one whisper.

"I know right. Niall with her?! It doesn't make sense. I've been trying to get with him ever since he first got here." One of the other girls said, louder this time.

Niall turned around angrily, getting out of my grip.

"Don't speak about her like that! If you bitches got the time to actually know her, you'd realise just how lovely of a girl she is." Niall yelled, which caused people from meters away to look over.

"Come on Niall." I said, grabbing his shoulder. He finally turned back around and grabbed my hand.

"By the way Cindy, I'd never go out with someone as fake as you!" Niall yelled back to them. It was obvious that they were surprised that Niall actually defended me.

"You didn't have to do that." I whispered to him as we walked away. "They're right anyway."

Niall gave me an angry look.

"Hey! Never ever believe what those fake cheerleading bitches have to say about us!" he yelled, putting my head in his hands. "You're perfect to me. Who cares what anyone else thinks? We're happy together."

I looked at the ground and smiled. I was so lucky to have him. I looked back up at him, bitting my lip and nodding.

"I'm very happy." I said with a wide grin. He have me a smirk and then kissed my fore head, bringing my body close into his.

"Hey guys!" I heard a familiar voice yell. Harry. I got out of Niall's grip and gave him a huge hug.

"So, I'm guessing everything's sorted with you guys."

Niall and I looked at each other, laughing.

"Everything's sorted." Niall grabbed my hand again and we walked through the corridors to our lockers.

"So, I'm guessing you guys are back together?" Louis asked looking at our hands.

"Yeah mate." Niall replied. Suddenly some of Niall's other friends came and greeted him. I noticed Louis was upset so I gave him a questioning look. He half opened his mouth, looking like he was about to say something when Niall interrupted.

"Hey guys, this is my girlfriend Samantha. Samantha, this is Calum, Ashton, Luke and Michael." He said pointing at them. I smiled at them all but then looked back to Louis. He shrugged and walked off.

"Hey, Niall, I'm gonna go find out what's wrong with Louis." I said getting out of his tight grip around my hand. "It was nice meeting you guys." I gave Niall a quick kiss and walked off.

"Louis!" I yelled at him, trying to catch up with his fast pace. He turned and slowed down a bit.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Just... Family stuff..." It was obvious he was lying.


"Yeah, seriously Sammy. Did you get my photo?" he asked, smiling. I got my phone out of my pocket and showed him it was my screensaver.

"I'm glad you had fun." Louis said, making a sudden stop for his locker. "I'll see you in Math." he said, giving me a weak smile. I smiled back at him and walked to my locker. I had to find out what was wrong with him. I hoped it wasn't about Niall and i getting back together, because I was really happy.


First period. English.

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