Harrys sister

Harry's sister is a Louis fanfic. NOTE- yes I do call Eleanor a lot of mean things in this none of them are true! She is a wonderful girl! I'm just doing it for the story!- Enjoy! (Caution it may or may not get sexual or very vivid acts of emotion. I haven't decided yet! Soo 12+ if you like this fanfic become a fan I will be writing more and I will accept request!:)


12. The Party to remember

(A/N Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I've been reading fanfic to find inspiration for new fanfic. If I'm ever gone like that it's cause I'm planing to write new or writing on my new fanfic! Also I'll be writing A/N after ever chapter till completed ~T)

We arrived at his flat at around 6:50ish to help setup and stuff. At 7 Louis and the bitch showed up. The bitch walked first and yelled "EVERYONE GET THE FUCK OUT!!" Everyone slowly got up from there hiding spots and gathered there things except Louis and the bitches family. They stood up in utter disgrace of what the bitch said and the way she acted. Harry and I walked "bitch and curly sit your asses down she growled. Louis told her about the kiss. As everyone left Louis walked in tears in his eye and a red mark on his face. The botch was pissed! She slapped Louis! What the hell?!? She walked up to me "why the hell did you accept that kiss from my boyfriend?" She spat the words with venom. I rolled my eyes and said "Maybe cause if I didn't he'd be stuck with your bitch ass!" I spat the words with out thinking I soon regret it with her punching my stomach. I hunched over and grabbed my stomach falling to the ground. She pinned me to the ground and slapped me and clawed me. Finally Harry and Louis broke her off of me. Louis said quite but harshly "Eleanor you need to leave. NOW." He pointed to the door. "COME GET YOUR SHIT TOMORROW AND GIVE ME BACK THE DAMN RING!." He yelled. I was shocked at his words. What ring? Where they engaged? She threw the ring at him and stormed out. What just happened? This was my fault. Louis had a shitty 22 for what i know. I walk over to Louis and hugged him. But he just stood there maybe it was just the moment finally he hugged me back and whispered. "Don't think this was your fault, I kissed you." And he let go. We helped him clean up everything and called family and friends and apologized for the bitches actions. We invited the boys back and just hung out for the rest of the night. In many ways it was a party to remember. The fact that I got shit faced, the fact "Elounor" was done and Louis got a pretty good 22. I had like 4 drinks and I have no clue what happend after. I think we all got drunk though.

(A/N so what do you think will happen next? Will she wake up like normal but totally hung over? Or have a little extra company? Or more then she expected? To find out leave 5 comments!)

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