Harrys sister

Harry's sister is a Louis fanfic. NOTE- yes I do call Eleanor a lot of mean things in this none of them are true! She is a wonderful girl! I'm just doing it for the story!- Enjoy! (Caution it may or may not get sexual or very vivid acts of emotion. I haven't decided yet! Soo 12+ if you like this fanfic become a fan I will be writing more and I will accept request!:)


16. authors note

This might just be the end of this fanfic. I'm going through a very rough patch in my life. I'm starting to cut again. There is too much going on in my life I'm really sorry I couldn't compleat this or savior. And i am just delegation in savior. I wish you guys a better life then mine. I apologize for being sudden with ending this. Thank you guys for the support thought what was short. I love you guys.

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