True Love

Louis meets Casey. They fall in love a bit too quick. they live happily every after.... maybe.... (this WILL have a sequel)xx


2. El and I

-Louis' POV-

 "Lou, push me on the swings babe", my girlfriend Eleanor hollered at me. "Yeah babe, I'm comin'."


As I pushed her along I saw a beautiful girl walk along with the cutest little dog, and a guy!): LOUIS, your with El. you know what fuck her I want that girl. I need someone who always looks happy rather then my whiney, bitchy GF Eleanor. (A/N) I have nothing against El btw I even ship Elounor but this is just the moral of the story) 


-Casey's POV-

I walked in the park hand in hand with my step-bro, not the couple way just a nice evening ok. I had my new puppy Mimi. I spotted a cute guy but he had a girlfriend. He was looking at me and I was looking back at him. Mimi had to stop to take a bathroom break so I could just stand there and look at his beautiful blue eyes. Shit, I'm gonna get wet for a stranger. suddenly his girlfriend snapped me out of my daydream by stomping up to me "And may I ask why you are staring at MY boyfriend?" she said making the word 'my' clear for me to know he is 'hers'. "He's hot, bitch he was staring at me too. bye now." I didn't just walk away I went over to that cute guy. My brother took Mini away to go run in the field while I flirted. "Hey, I'm Casey. May I ask you na-" "NO, you can't talk to my boyfriend." This chick had clear jealousy in her tone. "Louis, my name is Louis", the boy with the sweetest British accent spoke up. "LOU!! You can't just tell other girls your name, then they wanna flirt, then a butch of shit! We are dating you know.?" He shook his head 'no' at her "question". "I don't want to date a jealous girl anymore. Casey would you like a walk around the park. Eleanor....find a ride I guess." Me and Louis walked around the park just talking and getting to know each other. "So, tell me, Love. What are you about?", he asked me. "I do cheer, and I like to skate, my favorite colour is mint green, I'm natural blonde, and well I'm not made of any plastic anywhere. I really love root bear, eggnog, and...water, I guess. (A/N) wow I almost forgot how to spell water you guys *face palm*) I have a Pomeranian, her name is Mini. She well obviously is a bitch  (female dog...), also that was my brpther. Brandon. Louis, what a lovely name by the way, tell me about yourself." "I love sunsets I'm in a garage band with 4 other boys, I love red, green, and blue. I have an obsession with cookies. I'm all natural as well. I like red wine, beer, OJ, coke, and Dr. Pepper." After a while it got pretty dark. "Hey, this was nice. We should do this again. can I have your number.?" I handed Louis my phone and he added his number along with his name as "Lou-bear (;". "Bye Louis, see you soon." We waved to each other and then I went home with Mini and Brandon.   



Pretty good so far, yeah? let me know xx till next time(:

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