Everything Has Changed

From being a high school geek to being a well-known model, how will people react to Samantha's new look? How will Harry Styles, AKA her #1 bully in high school, react when they meet at a photoshoot?


22. See You Later

Harry's POV

  My eyes flutter open and for a second I didn't feel any pain. Slowly but surely the pain came rushing in. I instantly regretted all of those words to Samantha. What was I thinking?! I don't want to lose her, not again. I grabbed my phone to call her and see if we can talk. Maybe I can change things, at least I hope I can try. Wait a minute.... Why can't I find her name on my phone?! I got up from my bed pacing back and forth. I don't remember deleting her contact info. Ugh she deleted all of her social media. Is this the end?! She doesn't want anything to do with me. I walked up to the wall next to my dresser and just punched it as hard as I can. As a result a hole was now in my wall and my hand was throbbing. However the pain of my hand wasn't the same feeling as the pain in my heart. Hold on, something caught my eye on the dresser. It's the ring I gave Sam with a note.   

  Dearest Harry,   I hate the way things have turned out between us but I believe it's for the better. I hope your happy because if your happy, I'll be happy. This Isn't a goodbye, but more a see you later. Take care.    See you later, Sam 

 "I hate myself for letting this happen to us. I'm not happy when I'm without you. I still love you sam." I whispered, only to realize I was in a room all alone.   


Sam's POV  

I had to delete my number from Harry's phone. He said it himself, he doesn't want anything to do with me. I'm nothing to him anymore, but he's everything to me. Am I making the right decision letting him go? Yes. I need to stay strong. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I need to get my mind off of him. Modeling gigs keep popping up so I'm just going to do as many as I can.   

~1 week later~

  Don't get me wrong I still feel like shit. There's a deep hole in my heart that needs time. Ed and all of my model friends have been helping but it's just not enough. I've been spending a lot of alone time trying to gather my thoughts. Shopping, going on runs, hiking, and singing somehow seem to help. I've been recording myself singing and I have to admit, I sound pretty good. I have gotten more confident in my own singing because Ed has been coaching me. We've even recorded some covers of songs together. Paparazzi hammers me with questions that I just don't have enough in me to answer them. They follow me around everywhere. I just can't catch a break.  I finish a call from my manager when I hear the door bell ring. Was Ed expecting someone? I know I wasn't. 

 "One second!" I yelled.   I opened the door to see a curly haired boy with bloodshot eyes leaning on the doorway.    

"Can I come in please?" He whispered.   

I nodded allowing him to enter.  We were just standing in silence. It wasn't the type of silence that felt good, in fact, it was just awkward. It made me wonder, how did we go from our highest to our lowest so fast?

    "How did you know I was here?" I asked.   

"I saw paparazzi pictures of you coming from Ed's flat so I just figured." 

  I just made an "o" with my mouth and nodded.   

"Sam please give me another chance. I am miserable without you. I am not a whole without you. You complete me. I need you. Please." 


  "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being such a dick. I didn't mean any word I said to you that day. I'm stupid for doing what I did. I'm sorry for being unfaithful. I'm just so sorry. Forgive me please!"   

I was left speechless until I could completely gather my thoughts. 

  "Harry. You're a totally different person to me now. I used to think of you as someone who would never hurt me. And now every time I see you, I just picture you with her. It doesn't matter what you say or what you do anymore Harry. It's just changed everything... Forever."   

He was now on his knees crying hugging my waist. I couldn't help but cry too. Tears slowly streamed down my face.    "This can't be it." He sobbed. 

  "Then how come it is." I said with no emotion. 

  He slowly stood up and just looked at me. I couldn't find it in myself to stare into his green orbs because I know if I did, I'd melt right into his arms. He took a couple of steps towards me and grabbed my hands gently forcing me to look up at him. He took my left hand and placed the bracelet I gave him the night of our anniversary. I closed my eyes trying to numb the electrifying pain I felt throughout my body. A single tear fell into my cheek and using his thumb, Harry gently wiped it off.    "See you later Sam."   "See you later Harry." I said as I shut the door.    How am I supposed to get over the only boy I've ever loved? 


    Harry's POV

  "See you later Harry."    I walked out the door and went straight to my car. I collapsed in my seat and couldn't stop the tears from coming out of my eyes. That was it. She was gone. Gone for good. I've lost her. I slammed on my steering wheel out of the frustration I felt.


How am I supposed to get over the girl of my dreams?     

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