Everything Has Changed

From being a high school geek to being a well-known model, how will people react to Samantha's new look? How will Harry Styles, AKA her #1 bully in high school, react when they meet at a photoshoot?


4. Photo Shoot Time

  When I came back into the room I took a seat next to Niall.  I really got along with Niall.  We basically had the same interest which was food!  Geez, Niall was so perfect.  His perfect hair, teeth, body, and eyes all made my heart flutter.  Niall and I were in deep conversation when Harry came through the door.  I totally forgot all about Harry and our heated moment.  Harry took a seat right behind Niall and I.  I could feel his eyes burning deep in the back of my head.  

  Our agents came in and we went straight into business.  The photographer specifically how we would be posing, but one pose in particular caught my ear. "Samantha and Niall you guys will be having a very intimate photo. Niall will be in a pose almost in a kissing position." Niall looked at me and gave me a wink. I blushed and playfully nudged his arm. I looked over to Harry and he just stared at how close I was to Niall. Was he actually jealous? Impossible.

I went to my dressing room to get ready. I decided to do a little throwback Tuesday and started to look through my old photos. Man have I definitely changed! My thoughts were interrupted when my door flew open and I saw Harry once again. He came in and shut the door, but all he did was just stare deep into my eyes. It was so awkward, I guess I'm not used to him not trying to insult me or embarrass me in front of everyone. He quietly mumbled something, but I couldn't hear.

"What?" I said.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For bullying you all those times ."

He came up to me to tuck a strand of hair behind ear and started to lean in. I couldn't think straight so I pushed Harry aside and left him once again standing alone. I left right in time because Niall was waiting for me to get in the picture. Man Niall was a natural at modeling. The next pose we did Niall put his hand in mine and looked deep into my eyes.

the photographer yelled, "oh that's great guys! hold the pose!.. And that's a wrap well done Samantha and Niall."

By now all the boys were in the room watching. Niall leaned in and I started to lean in too. His soft lips touched mine and I swear sparks flew everywhere. I think I found my Prince Charming! When we broke apart I looked around the room to find Harry missing. Where'd he go?

Nialls POV

My kiss with Samantha was perfect. I think I found my new princess.

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