Everything Has Changed

From being a high school geek to being a well-known model, how will people react to Samantha's new look? How will Harry Styles, AKA her #1 bully in high school, react when they meet at a photoshoot?


7. First Date

Samantha's POV

When I got home, I layed in my bed lost in my thoughts. I'm such a hypocrite; I'm the girlfriend of a boy I hate! Well "fake"girlfriend actually. How am I going to tell Niall, the boy I genuinely like, about this whole mess? I had the contract with me and read through the terms:

1. Thou shall date, Harry Styles, for one month

2. Thou shall not tell family or friends about the contract

3. If thou breaks the contract, she be sued for 3.5 million dollars.

Geez I was never told that. I guess I'm stuck with this boy for a whole month. I suddenly got a text from Harry,

Harry- Management set up a date @6 pm at the Rio Grande restaurant.

Ugh I guess I have to get ready for our first date. I get another text:

Harry- Make sure you wear nice lipstick

Me- why?

Harry- don't you know I kiss on the first date? ;)

Oh god how am I even going to get through this date?!!

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