Everything Has Changed

From being a high school geek to being a well-known model, how will people react to Samantha's new look? How will Harry Styles, AKA her #1 bully in high school, react when they meet at a photoshoot?


8. Fed Up

All I felt was nervous. But why? I looked at my phone and looked at the time. It was already 5:55 Harry should be here any minute now.

~doorbell rings~

I opened the door to see Harry leaning on the door frame with his dark jeans and tight tshirt. I'm not gonna lie, he looked really good.

Harry must've realized I was checking him out because he slyly said,

"You don't look bad yourself Samantha," he came closer and whispered in my ear, " Nice lipstick as well." He pulled away and I saw that god awful smirk again. 5 minutes into our date and things have already gotten escalated. Someone please help me out of this!

Harry grabbed my hand and said to stay close and to keep my head down. We stepped outside of my house and paparazzi cameras instantly started to flash. I was getting overwhelmed, but Harry's grip tightened and I felt a sense of security. We got into his car and Harry asked if I was alright, he genuinely seemed concerned which was weird.

"I'm fine. Let's go I'm starving" I enthusiastically replied. I probably was too enthusiastic because Harry chuckled and started the car. The car ride was mostly of me humming the words to some songs. I was staring out the window and saw a lit pathway to an elegant building. I'm guessing we've arrived to our destination. Harry turned off the ignition and turned to me.

"You have a beautiful voice." he then opened my door and locked his arm with mine. That was weird. Why was he all of a sudden being a gentleman?

Harry's POV

Samantha looked absolutely stunning tonight. Her dress fit her body perfectly and everything else looked just as stunning. Since today was our first date I decided to be as much as a gentleman. Maybe she could see how much I really care about her and then fall for me. Sounds like a good plan to me. When we got inside the restaurant, I did everything a good boyfriend would do: I pulled out her seat, I complimented her, I let her order first and I kept conversation. She seemed to be having a good time until I saw her face turn into a frown. Why? I looked to where she was looking at and saw a blonde haired boy with some girl. Wait a minute that blonde hair boy is Niall! Did Samantha have feelings for Niall? I felt sad and mad at the same time. Samantha is supposed to be falling for me not him! I called the waitress over and asked for the check. Samantha wasn't done eating, but I didn't care I was done with this date.

Samantha's POV

I couldn't believe I saw Niall with some random girl. I was having such a good time with Harry surprisingly, but seeing Niall with another girl broke my heart. Harry must've noticed because he asked for the check. I wasn't done eating but I didn't care I just wanted to leave.

We arrived to my house in silence. Off course paparazzi was there. Harry grabbed my hand and walked me the door. He started to lean in which caught me off guard, but instead he whispered in my ear in an annoyed tone

"Laugh like Im saying something funny. Ill text you if I get anything from management tomorrow. Bye Samantha."

Just like that Harry left. Why was he all of a sudden being a douche? Was it because of what happened at the restaurant?

Harry's POV

I was done being the nice guy. Nothing good happens when your nice. She obviously doesn't like me, she likes Niall. I was fed up with this crap and I don't care I'm going clubbing tonight.

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