Everything Has Changed

From being a high school geek to being a well-known model, how will people react to Samantha's new look? How will Harry Styles, AKA her #1 bully in high school, react when they meet at a photoshoot?


14. A little break

I opened the door to see Harry with wet curls dripping down his face from the rain.

"Harry what are-" I tried to say, but he smashed his lips with mine. For what seemed like forever was only 5 seconds. He pulled away and left. I was in awe. My flight is an hour, what am I supposed to do?!

~1 hour later~

I had an uneasy feeling going to the airport. I kept debating whether I should tell Niall what Harry did, but instead I chose not to. On the flight I kept thinking about that kiss. I didn't even try to fight it. The kiss kinda felt right? Oh what am I thinking I'm with Niall now and that's all that matters. I look over to Niall sitting beside me sleeping like a baby. I decided to sleep my problems off till we get to Cancun.

~7 hours later~

We've arrived to paradise! I wake up Niall and we get our bags. We walk outside to flowers and warm weather! Of course my joy was ruined with the sight of Harry and Taylor. I made eye contact and we instantly looked away. He grabbed Taylor's hand and kissed her on the cheek. Why was he acting like nothing happened? When something obviously happened! I decided to not let that get to me since this is supposed to be a vacation for Niall and I. We got to the hotel and the concierge said we had to presidential suite! The only catch was that we were sharing with Harry and Taylor. As soon as Niall and I got into our room we crashed on the bed and slept.

We woke up and looked at the time. Geez it was already 10 pm where did the time go? I got off the bed to look for some food. I went to kitchen to see it opened and as I walked closer I saw Harry bent down filling the fridge with beer. I decided we needed to talk about what happened so I spoke up and said,

"Are we gonna talk about what happened?"

"We should go clubbing tonight don't ya think?"

"Stop avoiding my question Harry."

"What question?" said a familiar Irish accent.

There was a long awkward silence until Harry spoke up,

"We should go clubbing tonight. Yeah?"

Niall and I nodded. I quickly threw on a little black dress with nude pumps and my little handbag. I braided my hair in the bathroom and when I went step out Harry pushed me back in and locked the door behind him. He was about to kiss me, but instead he whispered,

"I know you want me just as bad as I want you."

He took a step back and left. I was just standing there speechless with a blank expression. After I furthered myself together and finally left the bathroom. I saw Niall talking to taylor on the couch. I didn't want to bother them so I decided to go out on the balcony to cool off. So many thoughts were running through my mind. Guilt was all I felt. Was I wrong to keep what Harry did to me from Niall? Did I have feelings for Harry?

I was interrupted with Taylor telling me we were on our way leaving. Niall and I walked hand in hand to the club without saying a word. I didn't know what to say.

"Samantha are you alright?"

"I'm fine don't worry."

"You can tell me anything you know."

I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and smiled. Within minutes we arrived at the club. Music was blazing, drunk people everywhere, and laser lights flashing everywhere. We went to the VIP section and we were given some shots. We each took some. I'm not much of an alcohol girl so I guess you could say I'm a lightweight. By now, Niall drank 4 shots and Harry and Taylor are making out in the corner. My face was full of disgust. How could Harry "love" Taylor? No words can describe Harry. It seemed that Niall disappeared because I was left in the booth alone. I tried to look for Niall in the crowd, but I found him making out with a girl. Anger flooded my face but then sadness took over. I couldn't stay at the club any longer. I walked up to Niall and sobbed,

"How could you do this to me?"

I pushed through the crowd and called a taxi to go to the hotel.

As soon as I got back, I went straight to the hotel room. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my puffy eyes and runny mascara. Man I was a mess. I decided I needed to shower to think some things off. I decided that maybe Cancun isn't for me. So I packed my things and waited for Niall, Harry and Taylor to get back.

~2 hours later~

Niall came in almost busting down the door. He saw my bags by the door and then looked at me.

"Sam where are you going?"

"Back home Niall. I think we need a break. Why'd you kiss that girl? We were doing just fine?!"

"We were doing just fine? You know that's not true. I know you and Harry have been messing around! In the bathroom earlier I saw Harry come out of the bathroom and shortly after you came out! I know you kissed Harry before we left for Cancun. So don't tell me we were doing just fine."

"I never kissed Harry, Harry kissed me! I would never try to hurt you like that. You have to believe me!!"

"Well right now I just can't trust you."

"If you can't trust me Niall then I think we need a break."

"Maybe you're right."

I started to get teary eyed. How could this happen to me? I had the perfect relationship what happened?

"Ill sleep on the couch Niall. I have an early flight"

Just as I finished my sentence, Harry and Taylor came in. Niall left the room and slammed his door. I plopped on the couch and was followed by Harry.

"Samantha if you need to talk I'm here you know,"

"You're the one who caused this mess! If wasn't for you I would be perfectly fine with Niall."

"Well do you still love him?"

"Of course I do."

"Go talk things out. I'll be there for moral support and confess to what I did."

"Thanks Harry."

We both got up to head to Niall's room. I opened the door to see my heart being broken all over again. Niall was making out with Taylor. I couldn't take this anymore I needed to leave Cancun ASAP.

Harry's POV

My plan was working! I got Niall and Samantha to fight, so Samantha will find herself back to me! I got taylor so drunk she doesn't even know that she was making out with Niall. I will get Samantha back and ill do whatever it takes. She's mine.

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