Dear Brother... I miss you...

It has been almost a year since Rin has seen her twin brother, Len, who went missing and was possibly kidnapped. She misses him so much that she decides to do whatever it takes to get her brother back. Even if it means death. This is a story that shows you pictures and videos that takes you with the story.


8. The Plan

              "So what should we do?" Len asked . Rin kept thinking, then finally she got a plan in her mind. It had nothing to do with the story that went behind the song but she could use paper airplanes to give signals and notes to someone out  there who can possibly save them. She told Len her plan.

                "The story behind the song has nothing to do with this but i think paper airplanes could work." Rin told Len. Len thought about it for a while. "I guess we could give that a try" He replied. Rin and Len started telling the other children about their plan. Some children didn't want to, but some people wanted to help as much as possible.

    "Then lets get started" Both of the Kagamine twins said at the same time.

*Sorry there was not a video in this chapter. Movellas isn't letting me for some reason.


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