Dear Brother... I miss you...

It has been almost a year since Rin has seen her twin brother, Len, who went missing and was possibly kidnapped. She misses him so much that she decides to do whatever it takes to get her brother back. Even if it means death. This is a story that shows you pictures and videos that takes you with the story.


7. children's war and promises

                    "I can't believe you actually came for me" Len said. "Why wouldn't i? I missed you." Rin replied. Len just said "well, im glad you came." 

                     "Wait, if you know there was an opening in the gate, why did you never escape?" Rin asked. Len answered right away "because we have something on our wrist that can shock us if we try to escape, i should know..." len pointed at a scar on his wrist "...I have tried to escape more than once." Right at that time Rin hated everyone that had hurt her brother, she started to cry. "Len..." Rin said  "I'm sorry!" At that time she was hugginng her brother tightly and crying alot.

                      Len was surprised "What are you sorry about?" Len asked. Rin replied "For all the war we practucally declared with each other, i'm sorry for getting mad at you so easily... And i'm sorry for hating you all my childhood life!"

                        Again, Len was surprised, so he said "Wait, you hated me?" "Yes, and i even told you that... but now i love you not hate you... i hated you until our 13th birthday, then i just hated you off and on after that, but now i dont hate you at all" Len started to remember all the fights they had and thats when he remembered.

                But now Len loved his sister too. "I'm also sorry, i hated you untill the age of 14, but now i love you, rin" said Len. He also started tearing up because he missed his sister so much also. Rin spoke up right then "Len, i will get you out of here, and i will be a good sister after i do, i promise..."

                "Thanks, rin and i will be a good brother, i promise..." said Len. They both stopped smiling. "ok, lets start the plan"



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