Dear Brother... I miss you...

It has been almost a year since Rin has seen her twin brother, Len, who went missing and was possibly kidnapped. She misses him so much that she decides to do whatever it takes to get her brother back. Even if it means death. This is a story that shows you pictures and videos that takes you with the story.


1. Almost a year...

                             Rin was sitting at home thinking about her brother.. again.   It has almost been a year since she has seen him. His name was Len, he went missing on their birthday. By their meaning Rin and Len are twins so they shared the same birthday.

                            It would be a year in two days. Rin missed her brother so much. She was surprised her mother didn't do anything when he went missing. Well, she did, but Rin thought she could do more. Rin was going into a series of memories. She remembered when her and Len made the music video:Enclosure. She went on YouTube to look it up and found it:


                            She loved looking up videos of him so she would feel like he is still there. But when she was done looking at videos, she would start getting sad remembering what happened to Len. She was there 363 days ago when Len went missing. She saw Len run out of the house to play, then she saw him getting kidnapped. She remembered the Logo of the van. What's weird is that the brand of the van was "LOGO"  but she didn't have time to think how weird that brand was she didn't think at all before she ran out to save her favorite person. But she didn't get out there in time.

                              Rin chased the van probably looking like a complete idiot, but she didn't care, she wanted her brother to be safe. "Today is the day we turn 16, our sweet 16, why is he getting kidnapped?" Rin thought to herself. She didn't catch up to the van but that is because she didn't run all the way to van because she saw the destination they stopped at and she remembers there destination. And she will never forget. 


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