Sequal to Hidden Love!


8. Chapter 8.


 -Kali's pov- 

I sat in my hotel room, alone. I pulled my phone out so I could write in this journal app I got. I opened it began to type; 

'It's good to be back with Harry and I think the feelings are coming back... but I don't know. I kinda like this other guy but he probably wouldn't ever like me back anyway, so it's whatever. I juts imagine how life would be like if me and Harry were still together... would I like this other guy? Nah probably not. 

But this guy... he's fantastic! He's too cute, funny, has a funny/adorable laugh, and he has gorgeous eyes.. I wish I could be with him but I can't. At least I don't think I can...'  

 I stopped writing and clicked the lock screen button when someone knocked at my door. I looked through the peep hole before opening the door. It was Louis, making the dumbest face because he knew I would look through there. I laughed and opened the door. He came running in and jumped on my bed, luckily I moved out of the way in time. 

 "Hello to you too!" I laughed and jumped on my bed next to Louis. 

 "Awe, you look cute." Louis smiles. 

 "Awe, you're just saying that because you want something huh?" I hit his arm. 

 "No. I mean it. Kali, I never stopped you liking you know.." He sighs. 

 He said he liked me, in my hotel room just like 2 years ago. He said that then he left, what if he does it again? He can't, we can't be together. But I want to, I like him. Louis is the one I want, or Harry I don't even know. 

 "Louis, I-" Was all I could say because Louis kissed me. It was a peck though nothing serious. When we pulled away, I grabbed his face kissed him harder. He kissed back too. Then someone tried getting in the room. Me and Louis stopped and looked at each other. 

 "Uh who is it?" I shouted.

 "Harry. Can I come in?" 

 "Louis go in the closet and don't make a sound!" I whispered to him. 

 "Yeah sure, just give me a sec." I shouted back to Harry. 

 "Ok." Louis kisses me and then I close the closet door and open the door for Harry to come in. 

 "So, what's up? You need anything?" I asked Harry walking into the kitchen. 

 "Let's go to lunch tomorrow. I'll pay." He smirked. 

 "Hmm.. is this like a date..?" I was hoping not. 

 "Ummm no. Just us, having lunch, we can catch up. I'll pick you up here at 11:30 be ready." He winked then walked out. I locked the door behind him and told louis he can come out now. 

 "What did he want?" Louis asked sitting on the couch. 

 "He wants to go to lunch tomorrow." 

 "Are you?" He snapped.

 "Yeah, it's not a date though. He just wants to catch up." 

"Oh okay." 

"You better get going it's almost 12 and im exhuasted." I yawned. 

 Louis got up and walked towards the door. I walked behind him, he walked out then turned around and gave me a quick kiss then went off to his hotel room. A couple minutes later I heard yelling, almost sounded like Harry and Louis. I was probably just hearing things, I'm so tired. I slipped into bed and dozed off. 

 I fluttered my eyes open and sat up over the edge of my bed. I checked the time and it read '10:04 AM' I sighed before realizing Chic has an interview at 11! I quickly ran into the bathroom and fixed my hair, thank god it was curly last night. I put on a nude color dress with some nude heels and a bracelet my mom had gotten me. I grabbed my phone and saw dozens of texts from Bethany and Ari. I went to there room and knocked Bethany answered and she looked furious. 

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! and that dress is super cute!" She begins serious then fades into laughter. 

 "I'm sorry I over slept! and thanks." I say walking into there room. 

 "Well? Lets go!!" Ariana runs out of the room.

 "It's only 10:19, why is she running?" I laughed. 

"Yeah... I don't know either..." she laughs, "but you NEED to tell me what's up between you, louis and harry!" she playfully slaps my arm while we're in the elevator going down to the lobby. 

"What? What do you mean?" I asked confused. 

 "You're flirty with both of them, and it's obvious they BOTH want you. Like last night." She looks at her phone. 

 "Woa, what happened last night?" 

"You didn't hear louis and harry fighting over you?" she raises her eyebrows. 

Hm. Maybe that's what I heard earlier before I went to sleep last night. 

"What were they saying.....?" I was kind of afraid to ask that..

"Louis was yelling saying harry doesn;t deserve you and harry was yelling back saying you don't louis and they were so loud they sooo close to be getting kicked out of the hotel, the only reason why they didn't was because they're Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson." She laughs and walks out of the elevator and i follow her out. Bethany stops walking and stands still. 

 "What's wrong?" I stood next to her. 

 "Ariana is talking to Niall.." She whispered. 

 The big double glass doors were open and red ropes along the path to get in the hotel. On the sides of the ropes are fans, yelling, taking pictures, and anything you could imagine. Ariana and Niall were talking on the left side of the doors. Ariana saw us and I think they were just having a normal conversation. Ari pointed to us and they hugged and then Niall went to the stairs to go upstairs. 

 "What was that about?" I asked Ari as us three were escorted by our bodyguards to our van.

 "Oh nothing we were just talking and he was waiting with me until you guys came." She said sitting down in the car. 

 -Ariana's pov- 

 I lied. Me and Niall are dating again. I know I know, I shouldn't have lied but in our interview right now they'll ask if we're dating anyone and me and Niall don't want anyone to know yet.            

 I feel bad but I don't want anyone knowing yet, you know? 

 We finally arrive at the interview place, we were escorted by our body guard like always... 

 We get inside and see Justin Bieber and Usher sitting down waiting to be interviewed too. 

 "Oh hello girls, I'm Justin." He gives us all hugs. 

 "Hey, I'm Bethany." 

"I'm Kali."

"And i'm Ariana." I smiled. I think he had a particular liking to Bethany he couldn't keep his eyes off her. 

 "I'm Usher!" He joins in and we all laugh.

 "So whatcha girls here for?" Justin asks as we all sit down in chairs. 

 "Interview, you?" Bethany sits down next to him. 

 "Same. With who?" He asks. 

"Uhmmm..... I think Anthony Perez, is gonna interview us." Kali says. 

 "Oh cool." He smiles. 

 "I have an idea, since we're all here, and we are with THEEE Justin Bieber and THEEE Usher lets take a picture to remember this." I say excitingly. 

 We all pose next to each other and the lady at the front desk takes our picture. We all exchange numbers and before we knew it Chic was called back for the interview. 

 Me, Kali and Bethany sat down in these circular chairs and begin the interview. 

 'Hello girls! thank you for coming on today!' Anthony the interviewer says. 

 'thank you having us!' kali smiles.

 'so first question, how are you girls enjoying london?'

 'oh man, it's fantastic! i love it.' I say. 

 'yeah it's amazing.' bethany adds. 

 'what have you girls done while you're here?' 

 'we went to the premiere and that was pretty fun, and right now we ran into Justin Bieber and Usher so we're doing okay!' Kali laughs. 

 'oh yes, they're here interview too. so now.... we HAVE to ask... what are you're relationship statuses?' 

 'we're all single actually.' Bethany answers. 

 'well, we all know that you girls are suuuper close to the lads in one direction and you kali and you ariana actually dated Niall and Harry right?' 

 'Yes that is true..' Ariana says. 

 'and actually we have some pictures of Harry and Kali hugging at the premiere and having a great time.' 

 'yeah.... that was the first time we saw each other in 2 years so it was good to be with them again. but we have nothing going on right now.' kali explains. 

 'oh okay. well you guys are releasing a new album right? called 'Dreams'?' 

 'oh yes, we're almost done and we're expecting the album in a few weeks right girls?" bethany asks. 

 'yes.' kali says. 

 'okay well everyone be sure you go and buy that, well that is all the time we have, you ladies are fantastic and thank you for coming.' 

-kali's pov- 

 oh god thank god that is over. 

we drive back to the hotel and i go to my room. i quickly changed my outift and turned the tv on and laid in bed. i got a text; 

 From: Harry.. 

'hey kali.' 

 To: Harry.. 

'hey styles.' 

From: Harry.. 

'listen, i need to talk to you..' 

To: Harry.. 

'okay, talk..'

From: Harry..

'I... love you..'  



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