Sequal to Hidden Love!


6. Chapter 6.


 -Kali's pov- 

I woke up around 7, yeah I know too early! I sat up and Harry wasn't there anymore... I thought that was pretty weird. I went out of my room and climbed up to Niall's and Ari's bunk to see if they were sleeping and they were. 

 "Ariana! Niall!" I whispered and shook them both hoping they would wake up. 

 "What?!" Ariana whispered. 

 "Come here! I need to talk to you." I say. 

 "Ugh it's like midnight." Ari complains and climbs down from the bunk. 

 "Last night- ugh come in my room, no one can hear." I lead her to my room. 

 "Okay we're here, so what happened last night?" She sits down on my bed. 

 "Harry fell asleep in here, and we kissed.." I whispered. 

Her eyes went big. 

 "I'm not really suprised.." She says. 


 "Because. Everyone knows you guys still love each other, it's obvious you're meant for each other."  

 "You guys think we're meant for each other?" I asked, kinda suprised, she nodded. 

 "Oh. Well, Harry wasn't in here when I woke up.. lets go look for him."  

 We went of the tour bus and we were parked in a gas station, so me and Ari went inside with hoodies on to look for Harry. 

 "Do you know where Louis is at?" I asked, because when I woke up Ari, louis's bunk is right underneath and he wasn't there. 

 "Kali... um.-" Was all Ari could say before Harry walked up to us. 

 "Hey girls whatcha doin here?" He says.

 "Looking for you!" I shouted. 

 "Oh." He laughed. 

 "So what were you saying about Louis?" I asked Ariana again, and she looked at Harry. 

 "Uhm Harry? Why don't you tell her, Niall's probably awake, wondering where I am.." She said quickly and ran off, and Harry looked mad. 

 "Ok.. weeeelllll, sit down..." He said pulling me towards a booth.  

I wonder what the big deal is.. 

 "Last night, around 2 am, I went out to get some water, and Louis was up, he was mad because I was laying with you.. and then we just had this huuuge fight, and about 5 this morning he left for Doncaster.."


 Louis left me with out saying good bye, and I won't see him again until probably another year or so because I have so much stuff to do with Chic. But he just up and left, like that. Well, I know where I stand with people now I guess. I don't matter. I was mad at every body. 

I was crying and crying and I don't know why I guess. I guess I just finally broke. I called my mom, I needed to talk to her. 

 'Mom?' I cry into the phone, while opening the bus door and running to my room and closing the door behind me. 

'Yes sweety? are you okay?' she asks. 

'I miss you when are you coming home?' I asked. 

'few weeks darling..' I hung up, a few weeks is too long. 

I laid down on my bed and cried hard into my pillow. Until I got a text from Louis. 

From; Louis!(: 

 'hey love, i heard what happened... i'm sorry i had to leave before saying goodbye.. but i left you something, check in the back of your pillow case. xx.' 

 I wiped some tears away did as he told, and there was a letter from Louis. 

 'hey love, Louis here. I have to leave because seeing you and harry together again, just makes me sad, upset, angry, jealous and so much more. I can't stand it. I know we probably won't see each other for a while and I truly am sorry babe. I just had to get away. I hope you're not crying, but you probably are and I don't want that, please, stop crying? For me? I know you and you're thinking you don't matter huh? and that you don't have a purpose in life? Well, put your hand to your chest, feel that beating? That means you are important and you have a purpose. Please, don't put yourself down kali. It's not good. well anyways, i've got to get going, see you soon hopefully... love you.. 

                    - louis xx.' 

  And that was all. The letter just made me cry even more. I just wanted to go home, and get away from everyone. I can't it honestly. 

 "Kali? Sweetheart? It's Liam, can I come in?" Liam knocks on my door. 

 "Sure." I shouted. He soon walked to the door. His face dropped when he saw me. 

 "Oh babe.. come here." He put me in the longest, and tightest hug ever. 

 "Liam, I hate my life." I wiped my tears away. 

 "Please don't say that?" He hugged tighter. 

I got a notification from twitter and some how people knew what was going on, someone took a picture of me crying running back to the bus.  

 A bunch of mentions saying, i'm not worth anything, I made everyone's life harder, and that I should just kill myself. 


 maybe, I should just end everything.  

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