Sequal to Hidden Love!


5. Chapter 5.


 -After Very Last Concert- 


  -Harry's pov- 

 We just sang our last song, and went back stage. The girls were already there because they were watching us through the show. Me and Kali made up.. but we're not dating. We have a weird relationship, one second we can be totally cool like hugging and flirting then a second later we're yelling at each other. It's quite annoying if you ask me, but it's whatever. I'm pretty sure there's something going on with Louis and her though, they've been acting real strange lately. Like right now, when we went backstage, kali ran right to Louis and he picked her up and spun her around, I don't know what's up with that. 


 -Louis's pov- 

 Me and Kali both know we like eachother but we can't tell anyone else because her and my bestfriend dated that'd be kinda awk don't ya think? Well anyway, me and kali are just kinda flirty and such, nothing more or less. No one knows we like each other either. 

"I'm starvin'!" Niall whines as we walk to the vans to take us back to the tourbus. 

"When aren't you?!" Bethany laughs. 

Niall stops in front of her and points in her face and says, "shut. up." and we all just laugh. 

Me and Zayn were walking next to each other because we were talking about the show. Ari and Kali were talking too, and I think I heard kali say my name... but I'm not so sure so I don't say anything about it. We all are sharing a bus, because there's a lot of room in it, it's a new one. 

 We finally show up in front of the bus and we all pile in. Kali goes straight to her room. So I give her a few minutes before knocking on her door. 

I walked pass and heard her playing her guitar, I told everyone to shush up and come closer to hear her. All seven of us are listening close to her door as she strums away and hum some melodies. 

 "Guys, go away real quick I need to talk to kali." Harry whispers.. and I wonder what he needs to talk tould sound good with the lyrics. I was almost done when someone knocked on my door. 

 "Who is it?" I shouted. 

"It's you're best friend." I knew it was Harry who said that, I laughed to myself and told him to come in. 

 "Hello." He smirks and sits across from me on my tiny bed. 

 "Can I help you Styles?" I said looking at the lyrics.

 "Just wanted to hangout." He says. 

 "Oh okay, well while you're here... will you take a look at these lyrics? Tell me what you think." I handed him my lyric book. 

 He read the few lyrics I had and smiled. 

 "This is good stuff love." He handed me the book back. 

 "Thanks." I smiled. 

 "No problem, jeez it's cold in here.." He shivers, it was pretty cold though, it's because it's like 20 degrees outside. 

 "I know.." I agreed, putting my guitar back in it's case o her about. We all move away so he can knock on the door. 

 -Kali's pov- 

 As soon as we go on the bus I had to write down some lyrics I thought of at the concert. I quickly wrote down the lyrics and grabbed my guitar and started playing some tones that would sound good the few lyrics I had. Then someone knocked on my door.

"Who is it?" I shouted. 

"You're best friend!" I knew it was Harry, I told him to come in. 

He came and sat down across from me on my tiny bed. 

"Whatcha doin?" He asked looking down at my paper. 

"I had a great idea for some lyrics back at the concert, and I had to write them down." I answered. 

 "Oh. Coool."

"Here. Can you just look over them and tell me what you think?" I handed Harry my book, and he began to read the lyrics. 

"This is fantastic love." He handed me back the book. 

"Thanks Harry." I smiled. 

 "So what kind of song is that supposed to be?" He asked.

 "I was thinking a duet between a girl and a guy."

 "Yeah I was thinking that too." He laughed and then I laughed for no apparent reason. 

 "Oooo! I have an idea for another line. Write 'I'm lucky i'm in love with my best friend. Lucky to have been where I have been.' " He sings. 

 "Harry thats great! Ok so now we only have a few more lines then it's done!" I excitedly say. 

 "Oh shucks, thank ya." He says very weirdly which makes me laugh. 

 " 'Lucky to be comin home again'! That's it! It's done!!" I shout. 

 "Ok good, now let's go over it." He says, moving next to me so he can read the paper. 

 "Okay, just one sec.." I say while writing which parts for us to sing. I told him what to sing and we started singing, I sang and played the guitar. 

 We were done and I don't think it could have sounded any better for the first time. 

 "We have to show everyone this!" I jump up and he follows me out to the couches where everyone is. 

 "GUYS! YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS!" Harry shouts, I pull a stool out for me and Harry sits on the couch arm next to me. 

 I started strumming my guitar as Harry starts singing the first line, then it's finally my part. 

 After we were done everyone said it was really good! 

 "You guys should record that together." Liam suggested. 

 "We totally should, Harry." I smiled. 

 "I think that's a great idea love" He says as he stands up over me and kisses my head. Louis looked kind of annoyed but I just ignored him.

 "Harry come in my room for a sec?" I walked back with Harry behind me. 

"Yes love?" He closes my door behind him. 

"Im suuuper tired, and it's freezing, could you lay in here for tonight?" I smiled.

 "Sure!" He smirked and crawled into my bed next to me.

 We laid there a couple minutes in silence. It wasn't an awkward silence though. 

 "Harry.." I say. 

 "Yes, Kali?" 

 "I missed this.." I get out. 

 "I missed this too.." He says.

 I turned to face him, and we kissed.   

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