Sequal to Hidden Love!


4. Chapter 4.


 - Liam's pov - 


 I couldn't stand to see Kali like this, I mean yeah some of this IS her fault and the rest is his fault too. I can't believe my ass hole of a friend would do this to some one like her. 

 She's too special to let go of, and Harry let her go. He never should of said ANYTHING like that to her,I don't care how mad he is, you should never do that! Now she hates herself  because of him, she's crying her heart out because of him. 

I walked out of my hotel and I was walking until I saw Harry and Louis. 

 "HARRY!" I shouted. 

"Oh hey Li Li!" Harry shouted back. 

"Come here for a sec." I said and he jogged his way over to me. 

"Ye-" Was all he could say until I punched his jaw, making him fall to the ground. 

 "What the fuck liam!?" He shouted getting up.  

 "You're such an ass hole harry! how could you say something like that to Kali!?" 

 "Because Liam! She deserves it!" He shouted. 

 "Harry, do you know who you were talking to? That same girl you called a slut, you've known her all her life. You know her the way none of us know her. You're her best friend Harry... that's why she's upset. Because it came from you. She doesn't care that you two aren't together anymore well I mean she does. But she's mostly sad because she thinks you hate her.. you were the only thing she has. She doesn't have her mom, she moved away. Her dad? Who knows where he is.. but you? You were her everything, and now she has nothing all because of you. I hope you're happy." What I said, really got to him because his face dropped and he started to tear up. I made my point clear right? I hope he realizes how much of an ass hole he can be. I walked back to the hotel, and kali was sleeping on Zayn's lap. 

 "All I had to do was sing to her, and she was out." He laughed. I laughed too and sat on the oppiste couch. 

"So how'd it go? Did you hit him?" Zayn asked. 

 "I did punch him, and then lectured him.. and it really got to him too. He started to cry!" I chuckled. 

 "Oh wow." Zayn laughed. 

 There was a knock on the door and I went to get it. It was Harry.

 "Can I come in?" He asked. 

 "Why?" I snapped.

 "Kali's here, and I want to talk to her."

 "Too bad. She's sleeping."

 "Oh, well I'll come back later.." He walked off.

 "Ugh dick.." Zayn sighs. 

 I nodded. Then Niall came in, I gave him a key. 

 "Why is Kali here?" He asked. 

 "Long story.." Zayn says. and Niall nodded. 

 -Kali's pov- 

 I wasn't really 'asleep'. I was just pretending so I don't have to do deal with all of this shit, i'm sick and tired of it all. I'm just gonna stay single, because I just need that time to myself, and my music of course.. 

 I decided to "wake" up now, I opened my eyes and sat up. Niall got a phone call from Ari, when I got up. 

 "Hey babe." He answers. 

 "Oh wow, of course, i'll be right there.!" He continues. 

 I looked at him weird as he got up and left, leaving me, Liam and Zayn. 

 I had the perfect idea of getting all this anger, sadness and everything out of me. I got up started walking towards the door. 

 "Where ya going?" Liam shouted. 

 "I'll be back later." I said before leaving. I was hoping Harry and Louis left, and thankfully they did. 

 I went downstairs to the lobby to reach my car. I got in and drove off to the studio. 

 When I got there I quickly walked in, and Simon was there. 

 "Hey, kali? What are you doing here?" He asked sitting in his big round spinny chair. 

 "I have an idea for a song, is a studio open?" I quickly asked. 

 "Yep, 3 is. Go on in." He says handing me a key to get in the booth. I walked in, and put some music on from the mac that's in there. I got a tune in my head and grabbed the guitar and my "song book" I carry around with me. I started playing some strings that sounded good. I had a couple lines in my head. 

 maybe I shoulda known 

 you would walk out the door 

    Then I thought 'maybe i shoulda known' could be in there twice, the sound time just a little faded in the back ground. Then I kept going. 

 I hummed the music and jotted down some more lyrics. 

 even if the stars and moon collide I never want you back into my life 

 I thought that was definitely gonna be the chorus part. 

 About an hour goes by and I almost have the whole song done, i'm just going through it singing it to make sure it sounds good. 

 Really Don't Care (I know this song is really by Demi Lovato but I'm pretending kali wrote it) 

You wanna play

You wanna stay you wanna have it all 

You started messing with my head, until i hit a wall

Maybe I've shoulda known 

(Maybe I've shoulda known)

 That you would walk

 (you would walk) 

 Out the door


  And well you get the point... I called the girls to come down here to record it because I was so excited and I told them to bring the guys too. 

 About 10 minutes later they were all here. I told the girls to read over the song so they get familiar with it. I had simon help me with the music in the background. I sang because I wanted the girls to know what I was feeling for this song like the tone and stuff and mostly because I wanted to sing it for Harry. 

 The music started and I started singing. 

 Harry's face dropped when I got to the chorus and that made me laugh bit, and every one else laughed too because we all knew I wrote this for him. 

When I was done every one told me how good it was. Harry kept quiet and didn't make eye contact with me, so whatever. 

 "So we should record the song all together now." I said to Ari and Bethany. We quickly recorded the song and we after we all went to the hotel, because we have to leave early for our next concert in Arizona. 

 I was sad and happy that it was our last concert.

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