Sequal to Hidden Love!


3. Chapter 3.



 -Harry's pov- 

 I woke up around 9 and I went to look at kali, but she wasn't next to me.. I thought she was just in the living room watching tv or something. I went out in the living room and she wasn't there, wherever she was, she had her phone because it's not on  her nightstand where it usually is. I texted her, and then I went to Liam and Zayn's room to see if they've heard or seen her.

 I knocked on their door and Liam answered. 

 "Hey what's up?" He said leaving the door open for me to come in. 

 "Have you guys seen or heard from kali? She wasn't in the hotel room this morning.." I say looking at both of them. 

 "Nope... have you liam?" zayn asks. 

 "Can't say that i have, have you checked with Louis or niall?" Liam sighs. 

 "No, but I guess I will." I say, I closed there door behind me and walked 2 doors down. I knocked on Niall and Louis's door. 

 "Hey mate." Niall asnwers. 

 "Have you seen kali?" I asked. 

 "Ummm.. why don't you come in.." Niall opens the door more, but then Louis pushes it more closed. 

 "Hah uhmm that's not a good idea Niall. It's quite messy in here and it's just not a good idea..." Louis says very weirdly.. 

 "Louis. Kali's here isn't she.." I pushed the open and went into the living room, she wasn't there. I went into Nialls, she wasn't there. And lastly, i went into Louis's... and there she was, sleeping like a baby.. until I screamed Louis name. Then she woke frightened. 

 "I can't believe you kali." I slammed the door behind me. 

 "Harry, you don't understand.." She opens the door. 

 "What don't I understand?" 

 "Last night, Louis called you when you were sleeping and I hadn't fully fallen asleep yet so I answered. He was gonna see if you wanted to go get a snack from the lobby but I said you were already sleep. But I said I was kinda hungry so me and him went to get a bag of chips and then we came back here and I realized that I forgot the key and I didn't wanna wake you so I stayed here. Louis slept on the couch and I slept in his room.."

 "Oh.. im sorry. I love you.." I said and then kissed her and she kissed me back.

 After that me and her went back to our hotel and I guess her and the girls are having a girls day on our day off so kali went and got ready. I just watched tv, while she did all that girly stuff.


 -kali's pov-  


 Oh my goodness. That was a close one, huh? The only person who knows what happened was Niall, because he pretty much saw the whole thing and me and louis didn't even know. But today I'm hoping to take my mind off things, because me, Bethany and ari are going out for lunch and then a little shopping. They don't what happened, and I'm not telling them. Me and Harry went back to our hotel so I could get ready i'm meeting bethany and Ariana at there hotel at 11:30 so that gives me a little more than an hour to get ready. 


 Im all ready and now i'm walking to there room which is like 4 doors down. I knocked and Bethany answered. 

 "Ready?" I asked.

 "I am, Ariana! Are you ready?" Bethany shouted and I just laughed. When ari came out we went to the lobby and we got into my car with the help of paul. 

 And we drove to Olive Garden. 

 When we got out of the car, no one really noticed us.We got inside and the lady at the front seemed to notice us but she played it cool. We were seated in the back and got our orders, well ordered.

 "So. Bethany... are you and that Connor guy still a thing?"  

 "Oh gosh.. me and Connor? We're not a 'thing'." She laughs. 

 This guy Connor who she met at a club about 2 months ago, are kind of a thing... They have a 'flirtashionship'. 

 "You know I have to say... he's pretty cute." Ariana says. 

 "Yeah he is!" I agree. "I think you should go out with him.." I smiled. And Bethany rolled her eyes in a playful way.


 ------- After Lunch ------- 

 "You know what guys, I'll drop you off at the mall, and im gonna head back to the hotel. I'm feeling well.." I say as we walk back to my car.

 "Oh um yeah that's fine.." Ari says. 

 I dropped them off at the mall and I went back to our hotel. I was walking down our hallway when I saw Harry talking to some girl. Then someone called my name, I turned around and it was Louis.

 "Hey lou, look harry's with some girl.." We both peeked around the corner and then looked at each other. 

 "Kali... I don't know how to say this.." Louis beggins.. 

 I nodded slowly signaling him to keep going. 

 "I don't think Harry is right for you. I mean you know his past, he used to be a total player, breaking girls hearts, taking there virginaty and all. He's cheated on you once before... and you don't deserve that. You need someone who will take good care of you, protect you, love you, and care for you.." He lets out.. 

 "Okay... and who do you think will be better for me?" I asked. 


 "Louis, I know you like me.. and truth is, I like you too.." I did like him.. and I don't know why. 

 He all of a sudden kissed me, and I kissed him back. Then Louis was suddenly on the floor holding his stomach. 

 "LOUIS!" I screamed and looked up to see who it was, but I already knew who it was. I looked anyway and Harry's face was red and he was clenching his face. 

 "What's wrong with you!?" I shouted to Harry. 

 "What's wrong with me?! What's wrong with you!? Cheating on me with my best friend?" He shouts. 

 "It's not my fault he cares more about me than you do." I sweetly said and walked off to our hotel room. 

 "You're such a bitch.." Harry quietly said. 

 "And you're a man whore." I turned around and flipped him off with both hands. 

 "Slut." He replies. 

 "Ass hole!" I shouted then quickly slammed the door. I packed all my stuff, because I'm going to stay with the girls in there room. I was done in about 10 minutes. I walked back out to the hallway and Louis and Harry were sitting down talking. I didn't look at either of them, but I did want to talk to Louis. 

 I got Ariana's key she gave me earlier and opened there door and put my stuff in there, we're only here for one more night then, we're off to Arizona and that's our last concert for the tour which is pretty sad, but it's been great until now... 

 I walked out of the room, Louis and Harry were talking still. I sat next to Harry, making it even more awkward. 

 "Kali, I hope you know that I don't hate you but I don't necessarily like you anymore. I mean you're hot and all. But we're done. and you're a slut tbh. i'm glad we're over.. sorry." Those were exactly his words. I never thought that Harry, the guy i've known all my life, would say that to me. I started having flashbacks when we were little and we would get in fights over who could have the last juice box.. but wow. I started to cry but I got up and walked away so they wouldn't see me crying. I went to Liam and Zayns room. I knocked and they answered. As soon as I saw Liam, I balled my eyes out. 

 I just gave him a hug and started crying in his chest. He closed the door and he walked me to the couch. Zayn was rubbing my back and Liam was trying to talk to me. 

 "What did Harry do?" Liam says. I tried to calm down and I could finally speak. 

 "This is my fault too... I saw Harry talking to some girl and then Louis was behind me and he told me I didn't deserve a guy like Harry he said I needed someone better, and I asked him who and he said him. and then all of a sudden he kissed me and I kissed him back.. because I think I like him. and then harry punched him in the stomach. He said that he doesn't like me and that we're done and he called me a slut.. Liam... he hates me now. It's all my fault, I hate me too." I cried once more. 

 "Zayn stay here with her, I'll be back." Liam says and then walked out. 


 What have I started?

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