Sequal to Hidden Love!


2. Chapter 2.



 -Louis's pov- 

It's been 20 minutes since kali went to the lobby... and we have to leave for soundcheck in 5 minutes. I hope she found Harry.. 

 "Are you guys ready?" Liam asks everyone and we all nodded yes. 

"I love your hair today babe." Niall kisses Ari on the cheek and she smiles big. 

 I wish I could do that, I mean not to Ariana, but Kali. I know it's wrong of me to think like that, but I can't help it. Harry is my best friend and I could never do anything to him to hurt him. But man, i don't know but kali is just something special I can't get over. 

"Let's gooo!" Zayn walks out of the hotel door with all of us behind him. 

We finally made it to soundcheck, and we go into the room to Harry and kali singing a duet together. They were singing Just Give Me A Reason and they sounded really good together actually. Bethany and Ari were recording them singing, I don't Harry and kali knew we were here because they didn't look up from eachother once. 

 Kali was singing the last line and we all clapped, Harry and kali jumped because they didn't know we were here but they were happy we heard them sing together. 

 "So? How was that?" Kali asks us.

 "Good!" Niall shouts, and kali smiles. 

 "Well lads, lets get rehearsing!" Niall hugs ari and gets on stage.  

 "Yeah, we better go too." Bethany pulls kali and ari behind her. 

 They have a separate place for them to rehearse, there only right next door though. When the girls leave we hop on stage and Midnight Memories starts to play. 

 -Kali's pov- 

 "Let's take a seflie together and post it on instagram!" Ari squeals. 

"Fine." I laugh pulling my phone out and taking a picture of us three. 

"Let's caption it, "Rehearsal time! :p"" Ari laughs as I caption it that. 

 "K girls let's do this!" I say getting on the mini stage. I give a thumbs up to Dave, the guy in charge of playing our songs and such. 

 The first song we sing is Made In The USA by Demi Lovato. Ariana starts the song and then Bethany follows, then I do. 

 ------- After Soundcheck ------- 

"Come girls, you need to get ready go to Lou." Paul, the main bodyguard says to us. 

 We all go into the make up/ hair section to get ready. We all get our make up done and we have about 15 minutes before we go on stage. We go to the stage of the stage and the guys are already there. 

"Hey love." Harry kisses me. 

"WOAH. HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE, LET ME TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU TWO, THIS IS TOO CUTE." Bethany laughs, she takes a picture of me and Harry kissing. 

"Why'd you take a picture?" Louis snaps. 

 "Because Louis, they were in the perfect position, and because THEY are a cute COUPLE!" Bethany rolls her eyes and turns the other way. I looked at Harry confused and he shrugged. 

It was time for us, Chic, to go on stage and we began singing our songs. 

 ------- After Concert ------- 

 "Man! I'm beat!" Zayn sighs as we all walk to our limo. 

 "Me too." Liam agrees. We all pile in and drive off back to our hotel. 


  When we got into our room, I went to the bathroom to take off my make up, and put my curled hair into a bun and change into some pajama shorts and one of Harry's shirts that is huge on me. I go into mine and harry's room and Harry is laying down on the bed while playing on his phone. I jump onto him, and gave him peck before rolling onto my side of the bed. 

 "Good night harry, love you." I whispered.

 "Love ya too babe." he whispered back.

 I just laid there, I don't know why but I couldn't fall asleep. Then I got a text from Louis?

 From: Louis!(: 

 'are you awake?'

 To: Louis!(:

 'yeah.. can't fall asleep. :/' 

 From: Louis!(:

 'me either, but I kinda need to talk to you, meet me outside of your room.' 

 To: Louis!(:

 'mkay.. right now?' 

 From: Louis!(:


 To: Louis!(:


 I wonder what Louis needs to talk to me about..? I quietly tip toed out of the room trying not to wake Harry, I opened the door closed it gently. 

 "Finally.." I hear a familiar voice.

 "I didn't want to wake harry." I turned around to face Louis. "So whatcha wanna talk to me about?" 

"Well kali... im just going to come right out and say it... i like you.." I couldn't really believe him but it made sense of how he has been acting. 

"Does Harry know?" I asked. 

"No.." He looks down. 

"Oh, well let's just keep this between me and you." I whispered. 

 He nodds. I looked at him, just kind of examining him... I love his eye color, and how his hair falls perfectly messy, and his big cheesy smile. 

 "What?" Louis laughs. 

 "Oh nothing.." I smiled. Then we were suddenly staring into each other's eyes, he was inching closer and closer, and I don't know why but I was too, until our lips touched. I pulled away shocked but then relaxed and kissed him again. 

 "That stays between us too." Louis winked. I gave him a weak smile and went to open the hotel door but then remembered I forgot the key.. 

"Shiiiitt! Louis what am I gonna do?" 

"Ummm come sleep in my room?" 

"Well what do we tell Harry?" 

"Let's say you were thirsty and so you went to the lobby and you came back up and you forgot your key and you didn't wanna wake him so you called me!" He explains. 

"Hmm that just might work.. good job lou." 

We walked into his hotel and Niall was sound asleep, I slept on the couch, but I didn't really sleep, I just kissed my boyfriends best friend.. 


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