Sequal to Hidden Love!


1. Chapter 1.


 Kali's pov; 

  "Kali. Kali. Kali. Waaake upp" Louis sings in my ear. I sat up from my bed, and looked around. 

  "What Lou? It's like the middle of the night." I barely say. 

  "Or 4 in the after noon." He laughs. "We have sound check in an hour, better get up." He leaves my room. 

 We're in America for the tour, and tonight is our 4th show, it's been 3 months since everything with the whole jail situation and stuff. And yes, me and Harry are still dating, but sadly, Eleanor and Louis aren't anymore... he broke up with her because well no one really knows why. It's been a busy few months though, since we're all on tour we have tutors who teaches us stuff and it's kind of hard doing both things but it is what it is. 

 I walk into my bathroom and look in the mirror and see what horror of a mess I look like. I brushed through my hair and out it in a messy bun, and I didn't do my make up because I'll do all that fancy stuff before the show, but I do pull on jeans, converse and a white T-shirt. I took one last look at myself and went into the living room of our suit hotel which all 8 of us are staying in. 

 "Woah, look who's up!" Ariana laughed and I laughed too. I sat down on the couch next to Liam, he was watching Toy Story, go figure. Then I noticed Harry wasn't around... 

 "Uh guys. Where's Harry?" I say out loud. 

 "How should we know?" Bethany says very oddly...

 "Seriously. Where is he?" I asked again. 

  "Up your butt and around the corner." Louis laughs. 

 "Louis. Shut up.." 

 "He's you're boyfriend, shouldn't you know?" Zayn says. 

 "Ugh, you guys suck major ass." I said before walking out of the hotel room and to the elevator. 

 I went down to the lobby, and there were a few fans here and there, so I signed some things and took some pictures until I spotted the familiar face of Harry Styles, he saw me and smiled. I walked over to him. 

 "And where have you been curls?" I laughed. 

 "Ha-ha, real original babe." He joked. We went back upstairs, and right before we walked in I had an idea. 

 "Harry wait!" I whispered and pulled him back. 


 "Let's just me and you go to sound check early." I smiled. 

 "If you want." He smiled and we walked back down stairs once again. We got into his car without being mobbed for once.  





  (Sorry guys! That chapter wasn't very interesting... but trust me it will get more exciting just wait! I hope you will like it!)


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