The Black Wolf

The black wolf... Dark? Evil? Mysterious? Or just missunderstood? Tash Hunter is also missunderstood. People think she is weird, and strange so they avoid her. When Tash can't take the comments behind her back, she runs away, taking refuge in the woods. Then she bumps into the black wolf...


2. The Black Wolf

Tash continued to cry all alone in the forest. She jumped in shock as a twig suddenly cracked loudly behind her. She looked behind her nervously saying "hello, is anybody there?" When nobody replied she went to turn around again, but she heard the bush rustle. She looked quickly round to catch whoever was trying to scare her in the act, but nobody was there. Tash said crossly "I'm not in the mood for people to sneak up on me and say boo, so how yourself!" Nobod

y came out from behind the bush so Tash leapt up angrily and shoured "right that's it! Get out from behind there now!" Tash got fed up of waiting, so she picked up a rock, and threw it into the bush. A high pitched yelp was heard causing Tash to jump in shock. Something behind the bush began to growl with rage. Tash backed away from the bush, keeping a close eye on where the growling was coming from. Tash nervously said "I'm sorry".


Tash saw a black fluffy tail flick up above the bush. A long black snout appeared from behind the bush, with a big round wet nose at the tip. Soon a face also emerged along with two pointy ears which poked up like a jack-in-a-box. It was a wolf, and he was edging closer towards Tash. His fur was as black as night, and his eyes a dark blue that flashed red with rage. The black wolf's teeth were bared, his ears forward in attack position, and his tail curled up over his back. Tash was terrified, but too fed up to care about what would happen next. She fell to the floor as she cried out in defeat. "Oh just kill me! I don't want to live anymore anyway!" She put her head to the ground as she burst into tears.

The black wolf stopped growling. He put his teeth away, and led his ears against his head to show he was sorry. His curled tail fell slowly back down to the floor. He bent down on his front paws and whimpered by tash's ear. Tash shivered slightly thinking the wolf was about to eat her. The wolf began licking her hair affectionatly. Tash looked up into the caring eyes of the black wolf. She sat up, and began to stroke behind the black wolf's ear. "Your not bad at all are you" Tash said sweetly. The black wolf blurted out "of course I ain't" accidently rather than barking. He suddenly put his snout to the floor, coverimg his face with his paws in shame. Tash gasped at the fact that the black wolf had just spoken to her.


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