Story of Our Lives

Rachel thought she was an average girl, but then a certain blonde haired hottie caught her attention and she caught his. Her best friend Amanda thought the same then a emerald eyed cupcake caught her eye and she did the same.


6. Venting

Louis's POV

I cant believe that Harry and Niall are actually going to ask out Rachel and Amanda after I told them they can't. If Rachel gets hurt it will effect my career and her school. If Amanda gets hurt it's the same because Amanda practically lives with us because ever since her parents got a divorce, my mum has said she can stay as long as she wants even if it's forever. Anyway Rachel, Amanda, their friends Sylvia and Lily, Niall and myself went to go check who made the soccer team on the way to lunch.

"We all made it! This is awsome!" Lily perked up. She is a happy person.

I have noticed something. Rachel and Amanda don't panic every time they see Niall and Harry. It's like they have vented to someone.

Liam's POV

Lou's sister just vented to me and we just met. She told me how she likes Niall and he was about to ask her out and blah blah blah. She is very nice though, she knows my girlfriend from soccer. I don't think Lou wants her to go out with Niall, but they would be great together because they are both Irish (Rachel is like 25% Irish) and they both would look good together physically.

Zayn's POV

That girl Amanda is my hope to be girlfriend Lily's new friend. She is venting to me like crazy and I think that Liam is having the same thing happen to him because well I just saw him and Amanda's best friend Rachel just talking like it was personal. I know for a fact that Lou doesn't know about this because I did the same thing with my sisters. Also whenever Lou walks by, they either stop talking or change the subject. I wonder if I should tell him. I should go tell Liam and talk to him about it.

"Thanks for the talk Zayn I have to go now but thanks again." Amanda said and she wen tot get Rachel and walked off.

I walked up to Liam and then we had a talk about it.

"I know for a fact that Lou doesn't know about the venting." I start off.

"I know. Should we tell Lou or should we help them?"

"I kinda want to tell him, but Rachel and Amanda seem really nice. I think Lou should really know though." I said

"What should I know about Rachel and Amanda?" Lou asked as he came out of nowhere.

*Authors Note: Hey guys! Thank you all for the support! I think you are all hanging off of your seats now! If this story gets at least 10 likes, I will post 15 facts about my self. I also am looking for suggestions, for anything that you want to happen in this story! Thank you all again, I love you and I'll update soon! XXX-Haley

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