Story of Our Lives

Rachel thought she was an average girl, but then a certain blonde haired hottie caught her attention and she caught his. Her best friend Amanda thought the same then a emerald eyed cupcake caught her eye and she did the same.


5. Home and Tryouts

Rachel's POV

Amanda and I were pretty sure that the boys were going to ask us out, but we will never know now because of my brother. He wanted to tell us that we can't date them, but we never listen to him anyways. We eat frozen food for dinner because my mom got her hours changed and works at night now. Anyways so all of us eat our pizza rolls and we go to sleep.

Amanda's POV

I had a dream where I saw Harry at tryouts and he kissed me. Then he was going to ask me something, but the alarm woke me up. Rachel and I got dressed and then we went to school to eat breakfast there.

After we got to our class, the announcement came on about soccer tryouts after school and all that boring stuff.

After school at the tryouts...

Rachel's POV

I spot Amanda, but the coach picks our partners for the passing part of tryouts. He picks me and a girl with long pretty golden brown hair with the prettiest blue- green eyes. We introduced our selves and her name is Sylvia. After a long time of doing partner excersizes and stretches, we ask each other in sync,

"Do any boys catch your eye here?"

"Actually I have a boyfriend that I have known since I was little. His name is Liam." She tells me. She seemed so happy to announce it.

"I don't have a boyfriend, but we like each other and he was about to ask me out, but my brother interrupted and told me that I couldn't date him. His name is Niall. He is here at the tryouts." After I had told her that, she had this look on her face that looked like it said "I can and will help you." I then realized I have a new best friend other then Amanda and I have a person named Liam to meet.

Amanda's POV

My partner, Lily, told me that there is a boy that catches her eye after I told her mine. She said his name is Zayn. That name sounds super familiar, but I can't put a picture with the name. I know he is one of Lou's friends.

"Ladies," Coach Daski said, "you all did very well, but the cuts will be posted next to the gym tomorrow. If you made it, the first practice will be next week Monday starting at 7 in the morning. Bring any old clothes to run around and sweat in. Thank you and good luck."

Everyone said goodbye to each other and my partner told me good luck with Niall and I said the same with Zayn. I have to meet Zayn, but I should do it with Rachel because she probably wants to meet someone too. We walk home with Rachel's brother because soccer runs in the family.

"Do you know who Liam is?" Rachel asks. I knew she wanted to meet someone.

"Yeah he is a good guy. Why do you ask?"

"No reason."

"What about Zayn?" I ask.

"Yeah both are good friends, but why does it matter?" Lou ask annoyed.

"No reason. There's the house!" I said a little too casually. We got home just before Rachel's mom left for work. We said goodbye and then we went to bed.

*Authors Note: Hii guys so now you know that Liam and Zayn are pretty important and thank you for the likes and I hope you keep reading. I need more inspiration though. I'm running out of good ideas. Please try to comment some cool dramatic, happy, sad, or scary scenes if you have any!Thank you so much again love you all and goodbye. XXX-Haley

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