Story of Our Lives

Rachel thought she was an average girl, but then a certain blonde haired hottie caught her attention and she caught his. Her best friend Amanda thought the same then a emerald eyed cupcake caught her eye and she did the same.


1. First Day Crushes

Rachel's POV

I awoke to my brother ,Louis, singing/screaming TIME TO GET UP!! I then confronted him about it (again), "It's 5:00 in the morning, do you need to wake the whole neighborhood on a Monday?!?" However, by then it didn't matter because I was already awake and in my house, it's impossible to go back to sleep.

I got up, put my usual clothes on, t-shirt with skinny jeans and converse. I then ate the chocolate chip banana pancakes our mom left us because she is a nurse and works early,so we rarely see her. The Holmes Chapel High School is super close to our house so we don't need to drive, unless we're lazy, so today we walked and I ditched my brother and went on with Amanda then my brother went with his friends. "See any hot guys walking to school today Rach?", Amanda had to know. So I told her, " Who's that?", and I pointed to a blue eyes blonde haired boy with a heavy Irish accent that you could hear if you walked by (he talked a lot).

"That's Niall!" Amanda said.

"Hottie!! Do you see any hot guys Amanda?"

"Who might that cutie over there be?"

She was pointing and drooling over one of my brother's friends with curly brown hair and big emerald eyes. He was also trying out for the Varsity football team.

"That cutie you see is Harry!" I told her.

That is when I realized that we both had our first high school crushes on the first day.

*Authors Note: It's me hiiiiii!! So anyway I am pretty sure this isn't the best, but I never really written a movella or a story and published it. Also I will try to update possibly every week because of the crazy story I call a life (see what I did there) anyways, put any suggestion, complaint, positive comment anything in the comment section. If you want me to change anything I will I just need a lot of support from you guys. Thank you I will try to update soon!! Love you all! XXX-Haley

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