Story of Our Lives

Rachel thought she was an average girl, but then a certain blonde haired hottie caught her attention and she caught his. Her best friend Amanda thought the same then a emerald eyed cupcake caught her eye and she did the same.


3. An Awkward Lunch

Niall's POV

After realizing that the girl that sits right next to me is Louis's sister, I realized that I can never date her! Lou has this "strict" rule that anyone in the band can't date anyone of his sisters. Also I found out that she is a soccer player and she has all the same classes as me. However, when we were walking to lunch we just kept on talking and she is the sweetest person! She isn't like most girls who are like, " OMG I'M SO PRETTY THAT NO ONE COMPARES!" She isn't like that, Rachel says that everyone is equal. All girls have different opinions about themselves (selfish ones). Anyway we got our lunch and she and her friend Amanda sat sown at the same table and Lou decided we should sit with them just to bug them.

"Hello ladies!! Lovely day!" Lou greeted them.

"What do you want?!?" Rachel and Amanda said in sync.

"You both have a great singing voice!! Can you sing for us using these random headsets and amplifiers I brought?" Lou strangely enough asked.

"Why did you bring those?" Rachel asked.

"I thought since you two each have crushes at this table, I thought it would be great to show them your voices."

That's when Harry and I looked at each other like we knew who he was talking about and then we saw that Amanda was turning bright red and Rachel was just frozen staring. That's when they finally agreed to sing and they started to sing "A-Team" by Ed Sheeran.

"It's too cold outside for Angels to fly" ,They both sang finishing off.

They sounded super and Harry and I should know, we are in a world famous boy band. That's when Lou asked a really weird question that we had to agree to do,

"Can you both, Niall and Harry, give Rachel and Amanda a ride to their homes because I should but I know that there is 4 people sitting here that should go out? Thanks you guys didn't have a choice!"

Why am I not surprised? My only question is how does he know this?

"Attention teachers and students. School will be let out right after lunch due to an incident in the culinary cooking class. Make arrangements to get home. Thank you." The announcement came over the intercom and it's basically the Luck of the Irish! I have got to say, that was an awkward lunch due to Lou, the intercom, and the two hot chicks.

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