Story of Our Lives

Rachel thought she was an average girl, but then a certain blonde haired hottie caught her attention and she caught his. Her best friend Amanda thought the same then a emerald eyed cupcake caught her eye and she did the same.


4. A Ride Home

Amanda's POV

Apparently Lou likes to ruin people's lives because he somehow found out about Rachel and I's crushes! How would he know? Maybe Niall and Harry know and told him? Or maybe... I don't know! I need to have a talk with Harry on the way to my house to find out.

On the way to his sweet sports car, he asked something that I wanted to know,

"Why would Lou say that we all like each other?" He asked.

Okay, so that was not what I was thinking. I thought he would say, why did he say that Rachel and I liked them, but he said something else.

"I don't know I mean it's true that Rachel likes Niall, but she never told Lou."

"Do you think we should set those two up on a date? Also, do you like me?" He asked and I was just shocked about that.

"I can tell you that I like you Amanda." He said making me comfortable.

"I actually do like you Harry."

This is actually happening!!

"Will you-?" He started, but was interrupted by Lou tapping on the window. Lou is taking care of me for a few weeks until my parents get back for there cruise.

"Amanda, my mum wants to talk to you." Lou told me.

"Bye Amanda. See you tomorrow." Harry said then drove off.

Rachel's POV

The whole awkward lunch actually helped Niall and I get a lot closer! We always talk about how annoying my brother is and how amazing soccer is.

"Will I see you at the soccer tryouts?" Niall wondered.

"Yep. Will I see you there?"

"Yes you will!" He said as we pulled in my driveway.

"Rachel, I was wondering if maybe after soccer tryouts, would you like to-" He started to say but got interrupted.

"Rachel, Lou wants to talk to us in private now." Amanda said after she finished tapping on the window.

"Bye Bye Rachel! See ya tomorrow I guess." Niall said as he drove off.

*Authors Note: Hello I am starting to think that this movella is sorta good because I don't have any bad comments yet. However always feel free to tell me to add anyone or anything and I'll do it. I know that Liam and Zayn haven't said much, but they are coming up and they are looking for a girlfriend ( hint hint) Anyway keep checking for updates because they are coming! Happy Holidays! XXX-Haley

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