Just A Passer-By

Sometimes I wonder if a random stranger passing by may one day mean the world to me. A serious relationship starting simply with the sudden connection from two strangers. Love can take years, this is probably because we all start as strangers. It takes some kind of similarity, or a sudden spark to bring two people together. This is exactly how it was for Jemma and Daniel.


3. Telling A Friend

Jemma told Rosie about her contact with Daniel. Jemma said slightly agrevated "why would a total stranger say that though?" Rosie said with a serious look in her eyes "maybe he got some kind of instant connection around you. It's not impossible, maybe love at first sight". Jemma suddenly remembered her feeling around Daniel. Was that what it was? Love at first sight... Jemma blused when she suddenly realized she was day dreaming. Rosie giggled and said cheekily "by thw looks of things, you felt a spark also". Jemma could never lie to her best friend, as she nodded in agreement. A moment passed until Jemma spoke once more. She said quietly "so you reakon he wants to bump into me again because he likes me?" Rosie said slowly "maybe".


For the rest of lunch time Jemma thought about her feelings for Daniel. He isn't a total stranger she thought. After all she knew his name, and he knew hers. She began hoping she would meet Daniel again. But then she scowled at herself for obsessing over someone she knew nothing about. She felt sad at the thought of him not even giving her a second thought. He had probably forgotten about her by now anyway. She tried her best to push him out of her head, but she just couldn't. Your probably wondering why a girl would obsess so much over one meet with a boy. This is because she has never had any feeling for a boy before.

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