Just A Passer-By

Sometimes I wonder if a random stranger passing by may one day mean the world to me. A serious relationship starting simply with the sudden connection from two strangers. Love can take years, this is probably because we all start as strangers. It takes some kind of similarity, or a sudden spark to bring two people together. This is exactly how it was for Jemma and Daniel.


1. Hot Or Not

Jemma was walking with her bestfriend Rosie when they got to talking about boys as usual. "You fancy anyone?" Rosie asked Jemma with interest. "No, what about you babe?" Jemma said with a sigh. "Oh yeah I do actually. There's this guy called Rob, and were actually dating now and everything". Jemma said slightly shocked Oh wow! good for you!" Rosie smiled proudly and said "you really need to find someone babe". Jemma laughed and said "nah!" They continued to walk for in silence for a moment before Jemms spoke again. "Rosie". Yeah". "Do you ever stop and think that ". "That what?" Rosie asked. Jemma smiled thoughtfully and said "that you may walk past your future lover, without even realizing". Rosie said excitedly "no, but I like the way you think though".

As the two best friends sat doen on the sofa in the canteen Rosie said with a giggle "lets play the hot or not game! Please!" Jemma laughed as she said Eokay, okay! You go first". Thid game went on for a while. Rosie was practically drooling and saying hot to nearly every guy Jemma pointed out. Jemma was unsure about a loy of the guys pointed out. But then there was that one guy. He was sat with a few mates. Short blone hair, bright blue eyes. He wasn't attractive as such, but Jemma felt like she had seen him before. She just had this strange feelimg about him. Maybe she had just simply passed by him one day...

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