My hero finally came

My hero finally came to save me!


6. meeting the boys and my house!

Liss p.o.v

We finally arrived at the condo I do I say it was beautiful I mean it was wonderful! I looked at him and I was at that point jumping up and down smiling! "So I can live here for now?" "Of course babe!" I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek and ran into my new house!

Louis p.o.v

She was so happy and she even kissed me on the cheek!as she ran into her house I called up the boys and told them to meet me up at my condo and I will tell them my crazy days.

Harry's p.o.v

I got a call from Louis when I picked it up he was talking really fast all I heard meet me condo so I told the rest of the boys and we headed out.

Liss p.o.v

As I ran into the house I saw beautiful pool and a huge T.V I was freaking out! When I opened this door I saw this beautiful white bed that had flowers everyone and there was a chandelier and it was just wonderful! I looked down and noticed I was in my outfit that had blood all over it. So I looked over and saw louis looking at my outfit and said "we're going shopping today !" So I yelled " oh my gosh yay!"


Liss p.o.v

We got to the mall and I had been here once with my mom so I knew where everything was! So I ran to my favorite shop forever 21!

Louis p.o.v

As we walked into the mall Liss was like a little kid in a candy store. She grabbed my arm and pulled me to a store called forever 21. She grabbed all kind of stuff that she loved and then we finally finished. When we were checking out the cashier said " that will be $600." Liss looked at me scared and I told her I'll pay for it and she said no it's fine. Then I payed and she was amazed at my wallet because I always kept money in it.

Liss p.o.v

Once we got back I kissed louis in the cheek and said thanks. Then I ran into my wonderful room and took a shower.i then put on this pretty floral shirt on with these white skinny jean and then curled my hair and put. On my white flats on. I walked down stairs and saw these four boys and then louis.

Louis p.o.v

I heard her walking down the stairs and she looked beautiful she was wearing her clothes she recently had gotten she was wearing a beautiful floral shirt with white skinny jeans and white flats. When she saw all the boys she freaked she ran back up stairs scared. So I ran up stairs "why did you run off?"" Who are those people?" "My best friends, I'm sorry if I scared you but they're like my brothers so I wanted you to meet them! "Okay let's go meet them." She said.

Liss p.o.v

Once I got down there they all said

"Hi!" Then they called out our their names

"Hi I am Niall!"

"Hi I am Liam!"

"Hi I am Harry !"

"Hi I am Zayn !"

They all were very sweet so I wasn't scared anymore! When I sat down my arm starting hurting really bad and I yelled because i felt it sting! Louis and all the boys looked at me with concern! I tolled louis what happened and she got me some ice and it felt much better. Then a the boys asked what happened and then louis told them. They all started to tear up and they will cry more when I tell them how I got into that situation but I didn't want to tell them quite yet. Then Harry suggested that we should watch a movie! Then a movie popped into my mind and I suggested Pitch Perfect and they all agreed.

Louis p.o.v

So we decided to watch this movie called Pitch Perfect. When we were in the middle of the movie I saw Liss shivering so I grabbed a blanket and I put in my over her and she grabbed it and then she she snuggled up to me and lay by me and I wrapped my arms around her.

Liss p.o.v

Louis got me a blanket and I wrapped my self in the blanket and then I saw louis shivering so I snugged up to him and he put his arm around me it felt so right! Then I looked over and all of the boys were looking at me! So I stuck my tongue out at them and they started laughing. When I looked up at louis I kissed him on the neck and said thank you!

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