My hero finally came

My hero finally came to save me!


9. Chatching Fire

Liss POV

In about two minutes we were going to go see catching fire. As I was walking down the stairs I heard a loud wow you look amazing as I saw Louis looking at me smiling he was in a cute little outfit.

Louis POV

My god did she look beautiful her eyes were beautiful! As we were driving to the theater she looked at her phone and started laughing and I asked her what's funny and she showed me this account that in every post it was about this boy band she didn't know One Direction."I'm in that band." Then I showed her pictures. "Oh my gosh I am SOO sorry!"

Liss POV

Shit what have I just done he was in that band crap. "I am soo sorry!" He looked at me and started to laugh, " you're fine I don't care babe!" I look down and smiled.


We finally were in the theater and the movie began to play. In the middle of the movie I saw Louis looking at me and kissed him on the cheek.

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