MTV Did It

Hi!Bradley Jennkins here. You've probably heard my name before?I used to be Harry Styles' girlfriend?Oh right!Anyways,I honestly miss Harry. sob sob.Enough with me sadness!Lets get to the point. I met Harry at the VMAs. Yes,im a singer. In a girl group. Fifth Harmony!Ever heard of it before? Well,I still dont know why Harry broke up with me then went to Kendall Jenner. That abuser. But the thing is...I still love him


4. Better Together

We´re Better Together...

Brad´s POV

Me and the girls were practicing for MTV artist to watch show thingy.

We were currently singing Better Together. Yes,i wrote that song about Harry don't judge.Next Taylor Swift over here!!!Just kidding!Anyways,we finished practicing and were now getting dressed.

We obviously took showers first.I curled my hair then changed.Me and Lauren could hear the screams already.But they were louder than usual....  and One Direction posters?





Harrys POV

Me and the guys were invited to the MTV artist to watch thingy.We invited our girlfriends {Eleanor,Sophia,Perrie,and mine Kendall} we dont know who is performing but we were just backstage.Then i saw first love Bradley Jennkins

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