The Other Half of Me

Behind the glasses, behind the sweater vests, behind the hair gel, there's an untold story...

Marcel was a normal 19 year old guy in school. He was always being bullied. One day, he meets a girl and she makes him change his perspective on himself. After a few days of getting to know her and spending time with her, he realized that he wasn't really being himself all of these years at school. The next day, he walked into school completely different...


3. Here It Goes

Marcel's POV:

'Here it goes...' "Well, everything started when I was a kid... I was playing on the monkey bars with one of my closest friends, Dylan. At that time, I was starting to go into my geeky kinda phase. I had the glasses, slacks, and my hair was styled nicely. I started going by 'Marcel' when I was in first grade, so some people knew me as 'Harry'. But, I wouldn't wear sweater vests, my shirts were just like the dress shirts but without a blazer, if that makes sense. Anyway, Dylan and I were trying to see how far we could go in less than like, thirty seconds, when someone came up to me and started saying bad things to me."

"Do you remember who it was? Or what they said?" The principal asked me.

"Yes," I continued. "I know his first name, Aaron. And he was saying things like, 'you're too smart to be here. Shouldn't you be at some geek meeting?' Then laughed and shoved me down. Dylan went and got our teacher, cause we were in the same class, and told her everything."

"Okay... So this is when you started getting bullied at school?"

"Yes, sir"

"Okay. I can see people were being violent to you at an early age. Did this grow stronger shortly after, like in fifth grade, or earlier? Or did it recently start to become more violent?" He asked.

I replied with all honesty. I felt as though I could really trust him. He was giving off that vibe. "It got to punching and kicking at around 8th grade and went on from there."

"Okay. Thank you very much, Mr. Styles. If you need anything such as help with this problem, I'm here for you." He spoke sternly. I smiled and held my hand out for him to shake, which he did.

"Thank you so much for everything, Mr. Michaels."

"No problem." He said letting go of my hand. "Third period is about to end in about fifteen minutes. If you want to, I can write you a pass and you can go to your locker to get your things and wait here until fourth period. Or, if you want to, you can stay here. I couldn't imagine how much your head must be hurting right now." He said while chuckling at the end a little, which I did as well.

"If you could, can you write me a pass so I can get my things and I'll head back here for the rest of the day?" I asked hopefully

"Sure thing." He said while getting out a pass.

I really felt like I could trust him and come to him for anything I was having trouble with. I guess I could safely say I thought of him as a father.

"Here you are!" He said, handing me my pass.

"Thank you, sir. I couldn't thank you enough for everything you've done for me. Thank you." I said taking the pass.

He smiled at me, and I walked out the door. I walked to the cafeteria, which is where the lockers were. (I don't know why... Budget cuts?) I walked in, grabbed my book bag, and my iPhone, and my headphones. I thought I might listen to music to pass some time. I closed my locker and turned to walk back. I saw Dylan and said hey. He said hi as well and we talked for a couple minutes. We were still very good friends, which I'm very grateful for. We said our goodbyes and I went back to the nurse's office.

I was walking back looking at my phone for a second when I ran in to someone....


Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in forever. I just had a lot in my hands these past couple of days. Thank you so much for the likes and favourites and reads. I'm very grateful for that. Just wait to find out who he bumped into! Aha. It's like, 2:30 AM in my country and I'm not tired... (I drank to much tea and coffee... Aha) well, have a great first week of December!! I'll see you soon!!

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