Putting out the flame

I'm Avalon. A previous victor of the Hunger Games. A deal made that I would never be back in the games has been broken and now I'm here again facing people I know. The only 2 tributes nobody is too familiar with Are Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen from District 12. They're Capitol favorites which puts them higher on my kill list. But Finnick likes them. Should I?


5. Chapter 5

I'm awakened by 2 more cannons. I look around and see everyone asleep it's still dark. Must be around 3. Katniss must've fell asleep during her shift. I get up and quietly go over to wher Katniss is. I shake her shoulder to wake her. "What?" she asks. "I'll take over," I say. She doesn't argue. She moves to where Peeta lay and lays beside him. Another cannon. This time it woke everybody up. Finnick, still half asleep, decides go to the river and get fish. Everyone's okay with it. We're all starving. "Katniss, Im going to find Alli. You coming?" I ask standing. She nods. She finishes her conversation she was having with Peeta and we go. My mind kept on bringing up what Lance had said. 'Put out the Flame'. A field with tall grass was right in front of us. Katniss refused to go in but we had to. "Alli," I whisper. "Alli." I kept on whispering. "Avalon? Katniss? Is that you?" We hear. I begin sprinting toward the sound of the voice. That's when the source of the voice flies away from a tree. A jabberjay. "I really don't want to get attached again," Katniss says when she catches up to me. I look at her questioningly. "I don't want a repeat of what happened to.." She stops. "Rue?" I ask finishing her sentence. She nods. A tear rolls down her cheek and she quickly wipes it away. I hear a click behind me. My head jerks around and I see a victor from 11 aiming a bow at me. Oh great. I pull my bow off my back and aim. Katniss has her bow aimed as well. But at me. I release and duck because Katniss shot as well. I'm not shooting her. So I run. I run all the way back to our camp and aim at Peeta. Peeta's a little caught off guard. He puts his hands up in the air. Finnick stops me. "Katniss tried to kill me!" I exclaim. Shock is all that is expressed on Finnicks face. Katniss runs up from behind us. Finnick has his trident in hand ready. I have my bow locked on her as well. That's when Peeta whips out a knife.

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