Putting out the flame

I'm Avalon. A previous victor of the Hunger Games. A deal made that I would never be back in the games has been broken and now I'm here again facing people I know. The only 2 tributes nobody is too familiar with Are Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen from District 12. They're Capitol favorites which puts them higher on my kill list. But Finnick likes them. Should I?


4. Chapter 4

We get our final makeup done before entering the arena today. I want to live my life here as normal as possible. So I go to breakfast and see Cal and Chris there waiting for me. "Morning Avalon," Cal says. "Morning boys," I reply and take a seat. After breakfast we go to see our stylists for the final time for 23 of us. My stylist put me in my outfit I wear in the arena. I turn my head and see the tube that lifts me into the arena. My heart starts racing and my breathing is heavy. My stylist, Lance, notices and places a Hand on my shoulder. "Avalon, it'll be alright," Lance says. I calm down a bit at his words. He leans in towards my ear and whispers, "Put out the Flame." Still confused by his words, the countdown begins and I know I have to get in the capsule. I step inside and look at Lance. When the capsule start to rise I figure it out. He wasnts me to kill Katniss. ~~~ "3..." The arena this year is forest. The cornucopia sits in the middle of the clearing where all the tributes stand. "2..." My heart picks up speed. I try to find Finnick. He must be behind the Cornucopia. "1! Happy Hunger Games!" With that, all the tributes are heading for the Cornucopia. Including me. When I reach the Cornucopia, I search for a bow. I couldn't find any but the amount of tributes were piling up. I grab a backpack and run away from the mob of people surrounding the stack of weapons. "Avalon!" I hear a voice yell I turn and see Finnick, Peeta, and Katniss running towards me. Katniss has bow. My mind goes straight to why Lance had said. Katniss isn't even bad. She's actually really nice. When they reach me, Katniss takes a ow off her back, which I had not seen before, and hands it to me. Now I have a bow and 15 arrows. Running. Running. Running. That's what we did for about 3 hours straight. We finally stopped to take a break by a river. I decided to check the contents of my pack. Inside, I found a full water bottle, a pack of matches, dried fruit, and rope. We waited until we were starving until we opened the dried fruit. We each took one slice of fruit. Katniss and I went hunting after eating. "T-Thanks for the bow," I say breaking the awkward silence. "You're welcome. A boy from 1 was tried to take it," Katniss says. I couldn't stop thinking about what Lance said. "Put out the Flame," kept replaying in my head. "Something wrong?" Katniss asks. I shake my head. "N-No," I reply. I take out a few squirrels and Katniss kills a bird. I've never seen that kind of bird before and neither did Katniss. Finnick and I start a fire when we hear the cannons. 8. The anthem plays and the tributes faces appear in the sky. The boy from District 2 died but the girl is still alive. Tomorrow I'm going to find her. "I'm tired," Peeta says yawning. I nod my head in agreement. "I'll take first watch then," Katniss says taking her bow and loading an arrow. Finnick lays down beside me and we immediately fall asleep.
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