Putting out the flame

I'm Avalon. A previous victor of the Hunger Games. A deal made that I would never be back in the games has been broken and now I'm here again facing people I know. The only 2 tributes nobody is too familiar with Are Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen from District 12. They're Capitol favorites which puts them higher on my kill list. But Finnick likes them. Should I?


3. Chapter 3

Today's Day two of training. I've decided to stay away from the bow because there might not even be a bow at the Cornucopia. I'm going to try other weapons today. 

I walked straight to the sword training area. I slashed the targets but I realized I'm not good at this. Well not as good as I am with a bow. I head over to the knife station. I throw them at targets and remember something that happened during the year I became victor. A 12 year old boy, my cousin Turner, came at me. He tried to kill me with a knife. My own cousin! I immediately drop the knife and head to the next station. 

Finnick's at the weight throwing station with Peeta. It looks like their really hitting it off. I hear a voice from behind me say, "Wanna teach me some bow techniques?" I turn around and see a tribute from 2. I give a slight nod. They're probably going to kill me with what I teach them, in the arena. Just watch. 

I show her where her where the bowstring should be pulled to. The corner of your lip. I teach her how to release her fingers properly. She's actually quite good. She looked only about 15. I feel kind of bad. She was so young. 

Finnick meets me at the fire starting station. "Go away," I say frustrated that I can't even manage to create a spark. He laughs and bends down. He puts my hands lower on the piece of wood I was using. I try again. This time I see smoke. I try again. Next thing I know, I have a small fire in front of me. 

Katniss has spent most of her time in the bow station. But now she's helping someone with the bow. I have to squint to see who it is. My eyes widen. It's the 15 year old from 2. Wait, she actually wants to learn. 

I have to try and remember how she won. Then it comes to me, she made a stone trap. When the other tribute ran under the tree that had the trap set, the stones fell and they died. The little girl won the Hunger Games that year. She was definitely a Capitol favorite that year. 

That girl is no Career though. She's like the rest of us. 

"Katniss!" I yell running towards her station. She looks at me questioningly. I whisper in her ear, "She's not a career. She's one of us." Katniss looks at me like I had nine heads. I nod reassuringly. A smile creeps up on her face. 

The girl's name is Alli. We stay with her throughout all of training. We teach her certain techniques in exchange for trap advice. 

During training, I try and keep my distance from Katniss and Peeta. They sort of make me nervous. Finnick seems to like them though. Since he likes them, should I?

The thought stays in my head all night and all of the next day. But that's when I come to a conclusion. I want them as allies. 

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