Putting out the flame

I'm Avalon. A previous victor of the Hunger Games. A deal made that I would never be back in the games has been broken and now I'm here again facing people I know. The only 2 tributes nobody is too familiar with Are Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen from District 12. They're Capitol favorites which puts them higher on my kill list. But Finnick likes them. Should I?


2. Chapter 2

We Arrive at the Capitol and I feel hatred. These people are entertained by watching our deaths. They're sick. 


"Avalon, lets go," my mentor Cal comes in my room and says. I follow him. It's day one of training. We meet Chris and head down to the training center. 

I'm surprised by all the new choices this year. Everything is better and more advanced. Their are new stations. By the look of some of my other tributes, I have a feeling they're staying at the non weapon stations. 

One person catches my eye. Katniss. "12," I mutter. "Ava!" I hear. I turn towards the voice and see Finnick Odair racing toward me. I hug him.

"Have you talked to 12 yet?" Finnick asks. I shake my head. I wasn't planning to. "We'll you should. I think I want them as allies," Finnick's words make me stop and stare at him like he was crazy. He shrugs. "Fine," then he walks away to Katniss and Peeta. I slowly follow behind him. 

"Ava, This is Katniss and Peeta from District 12," Finnick introduces us. I shake the hand Peeta extended towards me. "Katniss, Ava's good with a bow too," I feel my cheeks heat up and know I'm blushing. "Oh really? Show me what you got," Katniss says and points toward the archery station.

I choose a bow and head for the practice room. Katniss waits outside the glass and crosses her arms. As if waiting for me to mess up. 

I wait for the first target to appear. As soon as I see it, I pull the bowstring back and let it fly. It finds its mark and the target disappears. A new figure forms. I shoot it in the chest and the figure shatters just like the other. I do this to all of the figures but when 5 come at me running, I do a flip over one and shoot it from behind. The others have already turned and are heading straight for me. I manage to shoot 2. I side step and shoot the target through its head. The arrow goes through both of the target's heads. 

I turn to and see Katniss staring at me in awe. Finnick mouths the words 'good job' and gives me a double thumbs up. Smiling, I exit the room and return the bow and remaining 6 arrows. 

I see Peeta with the throwing weights. I watch as he launches one in the air. It knocks downs target and he seems happy with himself. I don't pay a lot of attention to the other tributes. I stay within the group of Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, and Me. 

The bell rings and we leave the training center. I eat everything that was on my plate. After dinner, I head to bed. My mind heads to yesterday when the tributes were in the chariots  Katniss was again 'The Girl On Fire'. My costume wasnt much to look at. A red robe with diamonds on it. It sounds much better than it looked. Finnick wore a fishing net and other things having to do with his district. 



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