Putting out the flame

I'm Avalon. A previous victor of the Hunger Games. A deal made that I would never be back in the games has been broken and now I'm here again facing people I know. The only 2 tributes nobody is too familiar with Are Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen from District 12. They're Capitol favorites which puts them higher on my kill list. But Finnick likes them. Should I?


1. Chapter 1

Tears form in my eyes. Then anger takes over. The deal. We had a deal. All victors never had to be in the games again. But of course this years Quarter Quell is the victors are tributes. I hate Snow right now. I hate the Capitol. But then again who doesn't. With one look at my family, I know that I have to come back. I will win for them. Just like I did 3 years ago. But there's not much of my family left. Just my dad and my brother and me. My mom and sisters were killed. Leaving my father and brother is probably the hardest thing to digest. I promised I would never leave and now I've broken a promise I swore to keep. "Avalon. You ready?" My father asks. I gulp. I nod. Ready as I'll ever be. There's the chance I won't even be called but there's only a handful of victors from my district. Only 2 girl victors. Me and a 26 year old victor. Everyone waits for the first name to be called. "Ladies first," a woman says while dipping her hand into a glass bowl with only 2 names in it. I cross my fingers. "Avalon Jackson," she calls. I'm frozen. I can't move or say anything. "Well come here," she says gesturing me over to her. I walk over to the woman with my head down. Not again. I don't even know who my fellow victor/ tribute is. I wasn't paying attention. All I could think about we're all the promises I've been breaking. On the train, nobody really speaks. My mentor occasionally tries to cheer us up but it doesn't work. I've been trying to figure out what my fellow tributes name is for a few hours now. When it hits me. Chris. The boy who tried to kill me. *Flashback* I sat on a rock and waited for my father to get out of work. I did this everyday. I didn't want to be home because it reminded me of mom. And Gwen and Ruby. When dad came out he saw me and the hurt in my eyes. He was really late. And it was raining. He tried to make it up to me by buying me candy. I waited outside of the store while he bought it. That's when Chris came and pushed the knife to my neck. I didn't do anything wrong. My father came just in time. He pried the knock from Chris's hands and threw him on the ground. *End of flashback* Chris wasn't a victor then. But I remember exactly how he won the games. His aggressiveness and way of confusing people. Everybody in my district love him after that. Except me. And my dad. Because we know his background story. Something no one knows. The train has all sorts of food. I remember it being full of food at my first games but now, it seems like more. I grab a pastry off of the table and stuff it into my mouth. "I'm sorry. It was in the past. Can we let it go?" I'm taken aback by Chris's words. He tried to kill me. No. But of course, I agree. If this means I'm not first on his kill list then yes. I'll forget everything. I nod. "Good!" He exclaims. Our mentor enter the room. "We're almost at our destination," he says. This means he's ready to give us advice. "Be careful during training. Everyone is mostly going to focus on 12 but you need to show everyone you're worth being allies with. Make good choices too. You obviously don't want an 'ally' stabbing you to your death." My favorite part, advice. We get to learn how to kill our friends. Yay. "Your best bet for shelter is trees. You may need to get supplies so don't make a camp too far away from the Cornucopia. But far enough so nobody will find you until later. Find water. Stock up on food and water. Remember, those are 2 things that can kill as easily as a knife. So make sure you're well fed and hydrated." All we can do is listen. The games are going to be completely different this year.

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