The new life.

What will happen when Riley and her best friend Ireland move from there small town in LA to London? Adventure love and secrets will come out.


3. what now?!?!

They both just got off the plane and had no idea what to do. It was freezing and they were both standing on the side of the road not knowing what to do. They new nothing.


I should have done research before we came!! Now we are freezing on the side of the road!! Ughhhh. What now?!?!


gez. This place is amazing. I love the cold. It makes be feel free!! This is awesome. Wait what the fuck are we gonna do? Shit I didn't think this threw.

"Come on Riley, we are going to a hotel. We'll look at flats on my lap top." Aw but I love the cold" Riley wined "fine whatever freeze your ass off Riley I don't give a shit." Ireland said very sassy. "Wow I didn't know you had the inner badass" Riley said grinning and laughing. That's when the bus came and they both got on. They came to a hotel called "cozy up" they booked a room for a week. Then right when they got in there room Riley of course had to look at everything and then back to her music. It was silent. Ireland went right to looking at flats.


gez it's cheAp up here in London. Only $200 a year. Damn. We could use that. "Hey Riley" answer. She looked over and sees Riley alseep on the bed listening to pierce the veil she could hear it threw her beats. "I should get some sleep myself.

Ireland tucked Riley in her bed and she climes into bet herself. "This is going to be fun" Ireland said to herself. As she put in her beats and the first song that played was half a hear by one direction.

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